Popular Mountain Bike News Last 2 Months

1 month ago | 4:2

Martyn Ashton is motivation personified. Paralysed in a trials biking accident, Martyn was one of - if not the - greatest tricksters on two wheels we've ever s...

2 weeks ago

Merida is going into 2017 with an extended line-up and a long list of exciting additions in road, mountain bike, urban and e-bike categories. After a fantastic...

1 week ago | 07:20

If you're squeamish then definitely look away now, keep scrolling, because this is up there as one of the most stomach churning moments in MTB crash history. C...

3 weeks ago

It’s been a long wait but boy is it worth it. Saracen is pleased to announce its brand new 2017 Myst Team bike and frameset. For the past 18 months the team a...

1 month ago | 03:31

There's a reason farmers know how to ride fast and loose; they shred dirt every day! This is full on, foot out, sideways, roost mayhem done at full tilt is goi...

2 months ago | 1:53

Riding close to the edge of massive drops is becoming a bit of a 'thing' with nutters on bikes. Benjamin Pradel went for a ride in Mont-Rebei canyon in northen...

2 months ago | 1:48

This week's #WipeoutWednesdays is a truly nasty one-time crash of epic proportions, as one very lucky guy survives a huge fall caused by bottoming out his fron...

2 months ago

#WipeoutWednesdays gives its case for why helmets are a very good idea indeed with some howlers of crashes involving stone walls, a run in with a tree, BMX fai...

1 month ago | 0:50

This is 49 seconds of pure, unadulterated bike oggling you won't want to miss! The NS Bikes Snabb E Carbon has to be one of the hottest pieces of kit on the MT...

3 weeks ago | 7:18

110km/h on a glacier! Crashes, block pass, crazy singletrack but also some hard pedaling - Fabien Cousinié show us how it's done and this is why we love mass...

1 month ago | 0:43

Yikes! That's a hell of a long way to fall. Way to sandbag your mate into crashing over the bars and into a ravine! This #WipeoutWednesdays offering is a bruta...

2 months ago

Marin has announced the debut of the new 2017 Hawk Hill full suspension trail bike. Marin claim that the model is packed with value and allows Marin to achieve...


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Set of LTR Boost Forks From Lauf


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Sweet Set Up from Deity Components


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661 Recon Helmet, Gloves and T-Shirt


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Set of DMR Accessories


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Complete Set of Riding Kit from IXS


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Bontrager Rhythm Elite TLR Disc Wheelset


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Reflex Mk2 and a Diablo Mk5 Light from Exposure


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Pedros Apprentice Tool Kit


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Superstar Components Wheels and Pedals


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Brand New iPad Mini


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Go Pro 3 and Goodies From One Industries


Issue 20 Sun 16th Dec, 2012

Box Full of Goodies From Cube


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Complete O'neal Riding Kit


Issue 18 Tue 14th Aug, 2012

Osprey Raptor 14 Pack and Swann HD Freestyle Camera


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