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5 days ago

If ever a photo summed up Tough Mudder...

There's no better way to escape the ordinary than by getting involved in an event this season and there's no better sporting accompaniment for before, during or after than For Goodness Shakes!

What shake will be you be using to help you glide across the Funky Monkey?

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6 days ago

#YouCan number 10! We're loving how people are getting behind these weekly campaigns and it’s always a pleasure to see what people are achieving through sport!
This week, we’re sharing Sarah’s story with you! Sarah’s family have had direct experience with the end-stage care offered by Wakefield Hospice in West Yorkshire, they were so pleased with the support and care offered by the Hospice. As a way to say thank you for the care and support offered by Hospice, Sarah will be running 31 10ks in May! Yes, that’s right: one 10k each day in May! This is a huge mental and physical task and of course, it’ll take up so much of Sarah’s time however, it’ll be so worth it as she looks to support the those who offered such great care to her Mum!

For Goodness Shakes wish you all the best for May, go on Sarah!

If you’re wanting to contruibute to Sarah’s fundraising, you can do so here:

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1 week ago

Welcome to another edition of our Fitness Tip Friday campaign where we’re aiming to offer helpful advice to improve your training and gym sessions! This week we’re looking at the endurance training side of things.

Long cardio sessions - be it at the gym like FGS ambassador and fitness Friday’s very own Viera or on the race course like FGS endurance and obstacle expert Stuart - can really take their toll on the body. However, there are of course ways to reduce muscles soreness and fatigue afterwards. Some time on the rollers for a stretch is important but this week we're all getting your nutritional intake bang on point afterward! We're asking you to try an FGS Recovery shake after long cardio sessions, then just feel how the carefully designed 3:1 carb-to-protein ratio helps the body in the hours afterwards! Don't just take our word for it! Try it out.

Have a great weekend from all of us here

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2 weeks ago

Welcome to our 5th Wednesday of meeting the team! Being an international brand, we need to have an internationally focused member of team FGS - let's meet Marcus Greig! Also, can anyone guess what countries our shakes are currently in?

• Role at the company - Export Manager. I am responsible for working with our current distributors as well as opening new international markets. Currently we’re selling directly in 6 overseas markets but have plans to open another 4 in the next month. It’s certainly a very busy and exciting time for us as we grow the brand overseas. If anyone is coming to FIBO next month in Germany then please come and say hi as we’re be exhibiting there with our distributor.

• Length of time at the company – 14 months

• Favourite sport – All sports but if I have to choose one then it’s Rugby. I have played since I was 4 and used to play locally in London for my school side Old Blues RFC until a nasty shoulder injury a few years ago put me out of action. Now I keep fit by running and doing circuit training. I also follow Leicester Tigers and England and am very impressed with the progress we’ve made under Eddie Jones. It’s certainly exciting to see the team back at the top of their game and hopefully we can get another Grand Slam win this year!

• Top sporting achievement – Personally it was running the New York Marathon in 2008 with some school friends after a bet down the pub. I had never done any long distance running before and totally loved the whole journey from start to finish. I managed to complete the course in 4 hours 11 minutes and raise over £2,500 for charity too. Recently I managed to complete the 3 peaks challenge in less than 24 hours. I never knew walking downhill could be so tiring!!

• Favourite FGS shake and why – I would have to say Ultimate Chocolate as it’s packed with 40g of protein and only 10g of carbs and perfect as a post work out shake. It’s also one of our best-selling products in Denmark where we are sold in over 150 gyms and stores. The 4:1 protein to carb ratio sets us apart from the other products on sale too.

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2 weeks ago

Welcome to week 3 of our #toughmuddertuesday theme! This week we're introducing another challenging obstacle that you might well be seeing at the various Tough Mudder events happening up and down the country: welcome to Kong!

Kong is a new 2017 Legionnaire-exclusive finisher obstacle, at 30 feet up, it's best just to keep those sights set on the next ring and keep swinging!

Who thinks they've got it in them?


For Goodness Shakes posted a photo
2 weeks ago

Week 9 of #YouCan - the campaign that looks to inspire from the sporting goals, dreams and achievements of every-day-people!

This week we're introducing an on-going challenge! Currently, Adam is running coast to coast from St.Davids in Wales to Skegness! It's an epic 300 mile journey which he aims to finish on Saturday, 18th of March. Huge effort!

Adam is raising money for a service that has previously provided vital help to someone close to him: The Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire Air Ambulance Service. Running has been a big help to Adam for a variety of personal reasons in recent times and we really do wish him all the best with his challenge!

Go on, Adam. #YouCan

If you would like to contribute and help Adam out, you can do so here:

For Goodness Shakes posted a photo
2 weeks ago

It's Friday and that of course means #fitnesstipfridays! Firstly, how have we been finding the tips so far? Have they been working out for you? If there's anything you'd like help with, send us a message or comment here and we'll hopefully get back to you with something useful!

So far, we've been looking largely at upper body and core, of course it's vital to focus on the lower body too! Everyone knows the importance of squatting, it's great to build up strength in the legs but having the correct technique is essential to make the work-out count - as well as to avoid back injury.
Often in gyms it is easy to see lots of bad technique on the squat-rack therefore, this week's tip is to make sure you have proper squat technique! Here's how to keep on track with FGS fitness guru @viera_stopkova who is demonstrating how it should be done!
Here's the guide:

1) Hinge hips on way down
2) Maintain a straight head position
3) Chest out and shoulders back
4) Minimal arch to the back
5) Toes pointed outwards
6) Breathing! Exhale on the way up and inhale going down
7) Go low, the deeper you go the stronger you get!

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3 weeks ago

Welcome to week 4 of our #meettheteamwednesday! This week we have the pleasure of introducing a key part of our London office: it's Sam Hutton! Let's take a look at his Q&A

• Role at the company
Brand Manager / Social Sec / Resident DJ
• Length of time at the company
15 months
• Favourite sport
I can’t pick out just one, that’s not fair. I love playing Golf & Squash, going to the gym & the occasional run, but to watch, it’s got to be Football or Boxing. Not a good few days for me though, I don't even know where to start with Arsenal's loses (yes I’m a Gooner) and David Haye somehow lost to a cruiserweight, although the latter was more unpredictable than Bayern posting another cricket score!
• Top sporting achievement
It was a series of events that lead to my proudest achievement in sport. I went on a bit of a fundraising spree from 2013-2014 and raised £40,000 with my brother, all for the RNLI. The #YouCan campaign we’re running is a bit of a personal project of mine, now that FGS takes up so much of my time I want to find ways inspire more people to get out there and exercise. But during that 2 year period I ran the London Marathon, swam 14km of the Thames & ran every day for 97 days, covering 772km in a campaign I set up called Challenge Charlie.
• Favourite FGS shake and why
Protein & Oats, Banana & Golden Syrup. 1) It tastes frickin’ amazing! 2) It genuinely keeps you full throughout the morning. 3) It’s great for use after long runs (No I don’t just have it in the morning, cuff me)

Thanks Sam, keep an eye-out for next week where we'll be introducing someone else from FGS HQ!

Looking to improve your health & fitness by getting more high quality protein in your diet?

We have a product suited to every need.

Find your perfect protein:

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