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Issue 77
Tue 19th Sep, 2023

We have created another action packed magazine for you, totally free of charge. We sat down with Macclesfield Master of Steez, Lando Steezy. We talk about how he ended up where he is and what he has planned for the future. Slovenia is a well kept secret. Follow us as we head into the unknown with Jani above and below ground! Also, we entered Enduro2 in Meribel. Read our race report of the epic team's enduro race in the French Alps. We vent our thoughts on the rise of the lightweight e-bikes and of course there’s the regulars like Tried and Tested, Lightbox and Movienight!

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Issue 76
Mon 10th Jul, 2023

Summer is in full swing, bikeparks are up and running and in front of you lies the latest issue of IMB! This issue we sat down with Olly Wilkins, rider, YouTuber and general hyperactive beam of positivity. In Trail Guide we head to the Southern Hemisphere, Nelson NZ, and we chat with Mischa Crumbach about ITRS, a newly developed trail grading system. Adventurer Tim tells us all about his trip to Tucson Arizona and Jarno made it to Haibike HQ in Germany for a visit. Of course there are tons of products in the Tried and Tested as well as the other regulars like Technique, Movienight and Lightbox.

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Issue 75
Fri 28th Apr, 2023

We had a chat with the most sideways man on the World Cup circuit; Phil Atwill! Otago is known for its gold mining past, but how did this influence modern day mountain biking in the region? With all the technology around us, how can we use it to find good trails? We explore the options out on the market. Doug has been exploring the Pyrenees for more than a decade and shares his tips in the Trail Guide, while we of course still have the regulars like Technique, Lightbox and Movienight.

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Issue 74
Tue 21st Mar, 2023

This issue we have a chat with the hardest man on the EWS circuit, Matthew Fairbrother. We talk with the IMBA how to turn trail building into a career and Derek reports on the Wine to Wales Epic in South Africa. The Trail Guide is about the Italian Domodossola region and Clive gives you tips to survive winter. Of course there is the Angry Insider, Tried and Tested, Lightbox and Movienight!

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Issue 73
Wed 14th Dec, 2022

We pinned down Remy Metailler to chat about life as a Frenchie in BC, YouTube and creating content. Tim Wild went to B.C. and shares 10 things he learned over there. Still looking for a X-mas gift? Check out the IMB Gift Guide! The Trail Guide is all about the lesser known town of Meribel and in Getting Dialled me talk about indoor training. Behind the Brand is about FLi Distribution and of course we have tons of products on test from Fox, Etnies, Pedaling Innovations, Rocky Mountain and many more!

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Issue 72
Mon 14th Nov, 2022

For this issue we caught up with Scottsman Lewis Buchanan and talked about EWS, injuries and Rampage. We ventured out to Europe’s most remote hut, tested Stanton's Switch9er Ti hardtail, Merida’s brand new OneSixty and a whole lot of products and kit. We take a deep dive in oval chainrings with AbsoluteBlack in the TechFocus while Adrian went on a pleasurable sufferfest at the Merida Ex Enduro. And of course there are pretty pics and vibrant vids in the Lightbox and Movie Night features.

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