Remy Metailler - Businessman on wheels

Remy Metailler knows his stuff. He studied marketing back in France and is putting the knowledge to good use, fuelling his MTB career. YouTube, drone shots, epic edits and the odd race here and there, Remy is a busy boy!

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Issue 73
Wed 14th Dec, 2022

We pinned down Remy Metailler to chat about life as a Frenchie in BC, YouTube and creating content. Tim Wild went to B.C. and shares 10 things he learned over there. Still looking for a X-mas gift? Check out the IMB Gift Guide! The Trail Guide is all about the lesser known town of Meribel and in Getting Dialled me talk about indoor training. Behind the Brand is about FLi Distribution and of course we have tons of products on test from Fox, Etnies, Pedaling Innovations, Rocky Mountain and many more!

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Issue 72
Mon 14th Nov, 2022

For this issue we caught up with Scottsman Lewis Buchanan and talked about EWS, injuries and Rampage. We ventured out to Europe’s most remote hut, tested Stanton's Switch9er Ti hardtail, Merida’s brand new OneSixty and a whole lot of products and kit. We take a deep dive in oval chainrings with AbsoluteBlack in the TechFocus while Adrian went on a pleasurable sufferfest at the Merida Ex Enduro. And of course there are pretty pics and vibrant vids in the Lightbox and Movie Night features.

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Issue 71
Mon 22nd Aug, 2022

We sat down with Jamie Nicoll to talk about life, racing and adventure. We entered the Cannondale Trans Madeira and survived, tested YT’s Decoy Core 4 MX and a whole lot of products and kit. In Getting Dialled we go over the details of filming POV and the Angry Insider is the bike shop owner! The Trail Guide takes us to Wales and of course there are the regulars: Technique, Lightbox and Movie Night.

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Issue 70
Mon 23rd May, 2022

The 2022 Spring Issue! We tracked down the Freeride Nomad Nico Vink to talk about video segments, building huge lines and his future plans. Connor Hamilton shows off his customised Ford Mustang and we follow the SCOR Collective on their first road trip. Behind the Brand shows us what’s going on with Suntour, in Tool Time we tackle wheels and in Getting Dialled we silence your bike. In the Technique section Clive enlightens you on how contact points matter while the Angry Insider this time is an outsider; the end consumer. Of course we got awesome kit reviews from Stanton, Ibis, WTB, Peaty’s, High5, PNW, Dainese and Melon Optics.

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Issue 69
Tue 29th Mar, 2022

Oh boy! The first issue of 2022. We sat down with YouTube legend Scotty Laughland to talk about riding, filming and life as a content creator. Graham went to the Queyras and wrote some words on his adventure while Mike did a deep dive into how much difference 1,5kg really makes on a climb. With it being winter and all, we decided to give snow biking a go and in Getting Dialled we tune up the home workshop. In the Technique section Clive enlightens you on how to improve your berm railing skills, and this issue the Angry Insider comes from the deep dungeons of the Warranty Department! Of course we managed to review some awesome kit by Unior Tools, WTB, PNW, TSG, Magicshine and DJI.

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Issue 68
Fri 17th Dec, 2021

Time flies and we’re well into winter already. Still there is plenty of autumn action to look back on. Graham went on a multi day, multi country trip around the Combins. We sat down with legend Paul Basagoitia to talk about getting injured, the positive stuff it brought him and how E-MTB’s changed his life. As it’s close to Christmas, we figured to help Santa pick some presents for those bikers out there. With Tool Time we have a new regular to help you keep your bike in top shape and of course we have the other regulars like The Angry Insider, Getting Dialed, Lightbox and Movie Night. Furthermore there are bike reviews from SCOR, Santa Cruz, Bold and CUBE, and we try out gear from Suntour, Magura, IndustryNine, Riding Culture, AMS, Enve Composites and YETI!

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