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The GT Sensor loves Shrezilla!

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1 week ago

“EnduRoad”, “Gravel”, “All-road” or whatever you want to call it, the Grade has always been about escaping the labels and stereotypes.
🏴 @funeralcycling
🎥 @byronkopman & @alternafilms crew
💣 @jordan_roberts @derekdix

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1 week ago

The Spring National ProGRT course @mountaincreekbikepark is looking dialed 👌here’s a sneak peek with @georgebrannigan.🤙 👊 Who’s coming out this weekend?

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2 weeks ago

The question on everyone’s mind: how the hell does @martin_maes5 go so fast🤔?! Well now the secret is out! #gtfactoryracing #srslyfun 🎥: @louis_para

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2 weeks ago

Shew! What a weekend at @world_enduro Madeira!
Congrats to @martin_maes5 for another 1st place finish 🥇 and @nogakorem for an unbelievable 2nd place finish🥈leading @gtfactoryracing to the fastest team overall! Cheers guys 🍻 #srslyfun #gtfactoryracing
📸: @svenmartinphoto

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4 weeks ago

Have you ever laid eyes on anything more beautiful?

#Fury #DreamBuild #Srslyfun #FeedYourLTS

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4 weeks ago

Wyn Masters - Wyntv with the post-race interview gold!


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4 weeks ago

Wyn TV is back the UCI Downhill WC round 1 with a fresh mic 🍌 and a hot take on the new track! 🔥

🎥 @jules_bellot_visual #srslyfun #wyntv

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Company overview
GT’s story is simple: speed, speed and even more speed. From GT’s namesake Gary Turner designing one of the first BMX race bikes in 1974 to our modern carbon fiber creations that redefine fast-as-hell, we’ve built a long legacy of racing, winning, yet never taking ourselves too seriously. As a company, we’re 30 going on 18. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.
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Mountain Bike Reviews - GT Bicycles Sensor Carbon Pro ‘14  2014
Mountain Bike Reviews - GT Bicycles Sensor Carbon Pro ‘14  2014
GT Bicycles Sensor Carbon Pro ‘14

GT have stepped out of the shadows and taken their rightful place in the top tier of bike producers again. A blisteringly successful season, that saw great results for the Athertons and others onboard the new range of GTs, has put their bikes right back on the most wanted list. A complete revision of geometry and suspension design has bought…

Mountain Bike Reviews - GT Bicycles Force 1.0  2010
Mountain Bike Reviews - GT Bicycles Force 1.0  2010
GT Bicycles Force 1.0

With its fluid lines and matt black finish the Force 1.0 is an aesthetically pleasing sight that has sense of stealth about it. For the money, £2299, the equipment levels are excellent and the ‘Independent Drivetrain’ suspension system is remarkably tidy considering how complex it is. Tech heads The 6061 aluminum monocoque frame is capable of 150mm of rear wheel…

4 weeks ago | 32:22

Sit back, grab a tea / coffee / beer and kick back to this 30 minute video from trials legend, Hans Rey. An urban bike…

3 months ago

Every coffee table deserves some MTB chic... The World Stage 2 is a high-quality coffee table book that chronicles the entire 2018 Enduro World Series…

4 months ago | 2:24

You can be my wingman anytime... Bulls*it, you can be mine! Newly named GT Bicycles Wingman Tom Isted is the type of rider that puts…

4 months ago

From January 16th a bit of Livigno will be in the conference tour –Speakers from the Edge – which will cross the United Kingdom. The…

5 months ago | 2:58

Roll up, roll up, it's another episode of your favourite form of schadenfreude, it's #WipeoutWednesdays where all of the best MTB crash reels come to…

5 months ago | 22:24

Hans personally answers 20 questions that were recently asked during his Q&A on Social Media. Covering all kinds of subjects, stories and insight. Greatest trails,…

5 months ago

Following his sell-out shows in 2017, Hans ‘No Way’ Rey will be returning to the UK in 2019 for the second-leg of his acclaimed 'audience…

6 months ago | 25:55

Unmissable! When these legends of the sport come together you just have to watch! An urban bike adventure traversing Los Angeles and the surrounding mountains…

6 months ago | 2:14

Get ready for some poetry in motion. With a distinctively smooth style David Lieb takes you from the fun of the pump track to the…

8 months ago | 1:2

Check out these epic scenes from the EWS this weekend. Was that short snippet not enough for you? Don't worry, there'll be plenty more where…

8 months ago | 0:13

Check out this display of true, selfless sportsmanship. Martin Maes leaves no man behind, even when he's in race mode! Website - Instagram - Facebook…

8 months ago | 0:57

Check out what went down at the EWS yesterday! It looks like today is all to play for! Don't miss out on this action-packed, final…

Issue 53

The north south divide is a curiously British institution, with strong stereotypes and vast variations in weather. Isac Paddock takes a trip deep into the north lands and explores what makes the area so special for mountain bikers despite the rainfall and unforgiving gradients.

1 year ago
Issue 49

Smooth, stylish and exceptionally fast. The Irishman has been battling it out on the EWS since it's creation and is now reaping the rewards of skill, consistency and patience. Sat in third overall with one round to go, could this be the year for Greg Callaghan?

2 years ago
Issue 47

Summer is almost here, and that means one thing, the MTB season is finally in full swing for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere!

2 years ago
Issue 41

As the explosion of dust settles after the first two rounds of the 2016 Enduro World Series in South America, we take a look at the women's competition, meet some of the racers, and find out what has changed since we left them in Finale last season.

3 years ago
Issue 39

James Cornford investigates the mental side of riding and finds out how tuning your brain can make you a better rider, with a Sports Psychologist, Team Manager Nigel Page and racer Loic Bruni all getting grilled!

3 years ago
Issue 37

More images with no particular place to call home this issue!

4 years ago
Issue 33

James Cornford talks to Dan Atherton about his latest creation, the Red Bull Hardline, injuries, racing and a return to Downhill...

4 years ago
Issue 32

James Cornford recaps on one of the craziest World Cup seasons that I can remember, it had it all, drama, suspense and surprises right up to the last second!

5 years ago
Issue 32

More images with no particular place to call home this issue!

5 years ago
Issue 31

James Cornford talks to the unsung heroes from the World Cup, namely the team managers who ensure it all goes smoothly!

5 years ago
Issue 29

We head to the UCI Downhill World Cup in Pietermaritzburg and get a fistful of surprises while we are there!

5 years ago
Issue 29

More images with no particular place to call home this issue!

5 years ago
6 years ago

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