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Merida Bikes posted a photo
17 hours ago

The MERIDA FACTORY RACING team of Jose Antonio Hermida and Joaquim Purito Rodríguez have settled well into their category leader position at the 2019 ABSA Cape Epic and managed to add another stage win to their tally. After the 90km stage, they came in a couple of minutes ahead of the 2nd Masters team and have extended their overall lead to over a quarter of an hour. Another solid and risk averting performance of the team and their trusted ONE-TWENTY.


Merida Bikes posted a video
22 hours ago

Great video (sorry in Spanish only) of MERIDA e-powered enduro racer Toni Ferreiro and his preparation for his first e-bike enduro race win. Check it out and get some inspiration about his pre-race prep and his line choices.


Merida Bikes posted a video
2 days ago

After a strong performance in yesterday's prologue, the MERIDA FACTORY RACING team of Jose Antonio Hermida and Joaquim Purito Rodríguez put another strong performance in, really cementing their control over the Master category in these early stages of the 2019 ABSA Cape Epic. 'I struggled quite a bit in yesterday's prologue, and really relied on Purito helping me over the line. But today, my legs felt much stronger, and we could open the thing up a bit', commented José Antonio Hermida.

The team rode a well calculated yet aggressive race and left the rest of the Masters category behind them from around 6k into the stage. Over the remaining 100+km they managed to overtake some of the elite team, bringing them over the line in 29th position overall and with an almost 11min gap to the 2nd Masters team. Their ONE-TWENTY bikes doing a fantastic job in keeping their bodies fresh and relaxed while also offering plenty of stability and comfort when the trails get tough. Another impressive performance for our trail machine.

With two days of racing under their belt, it is clear what the tactic in their highly competitive Masters category is going to be. 'We need to ride a solid race, from beginning to end, avoid crashes and mechanics and choose the timing of our attacks well. This is a long race, and anything can happen at any time, but we are both feeling strong and loving our time here at the Cape Epic', José concludes his race report.


Merida Bikes posted a photo
2 days ago

1st stage done! Another great ride for the MERIDA FACTORY RACING team of Jose Antonio Hermida and Joaquim Purito Rodríguez at the 2019 ABSA Cape Epic, finishing the 111km long stage almost 11mins ahead of the 2nd Masters team and in 29th position overall! That ONE-TWENTY seems to be going well. Well done amigos!


Merida Bikes posted a photo
2 days ago

The temperature is starting to rise…so maybe dusty trails are not that far away. One can only hope!


Merida Bikes posted a video
3 days ago

The 2019 ABSA Cape Epic is finally underway. The 20km long prologue is a kind of ‘aperitif’ to when things properly get going tomorrow. However, it is the first chance to test the form, the teamwork and the material.

The MERIDA FACTORY RACING team of Jose Antonio Hermida and Joaquim Purito Rodríguez showed a solid performance securing the leading position in the Master category and finishing in 32nd position overall. Jose commented after that race, ‘I did not feel that comfortable today but the strong performance of my teammate, who has improved immensely over the last 12 months, got us into a strong position for the rest of the week. Purito set the pace for almost the entire stage, while I stayed on his wheel. This really shows that we are a grown team now and we are looking forward to the upcoming stages.’

Besides testing their form, it was also a real test for their new ‘weapon of choice’, the ONE-TWENTY, and it clearly showed that it is not just a test and award-winning trail bike but also a hugely capable marathon bike.


Merida Bikes posted a photo
3 days ago

Great start to their ABSA Cape Epic adventure, leading their category and sitting in 32nd position overall. Not a bad start. And by the way, loving the shoe-sock combo.


Merida Bikes posted a photo
4 days ago

The calm before the storm...and the last few warm-up sessions to get ready to tomorrow's prologue at the ABSA Cape Epic.

1st race video diary due tomorrow afternoon/evening.

Watch this space.


Expect nothing less than the ultimate ride from your favorite bicycle brand – engineered in Germany, tested by pros, built in Taiwan. MERIDA. MORE BIKE.
MERIDA’s company founder Ike Tseng (1932–2012) was a very honourable person and a real visionary. During a trip through the USA at the beginning of the 1970s, he discovered a note at the door of a bike shop stating that not any bikes from Taiwan were accepted for repair due to bad quality. This annoyed Ike Tseng – and already shortly afterwards in September 1972, the first production plant of his company Merida Industry Co., Ltd. was opened in Yuanlin (Taiwan). The man whose life motto was “move with passion and courage” chose the name “Merida” intentionally: The rough translation of the three syllables “Me-Ri-Da” means that the company’s intention is to manufacture only beautiful and high-quality products enabling anyone to reach her or his destination as pleasantly as possible. But Ike Tseng wouldn’t have been himself if he had been satisfied with the successful realization of his plan to be able to offer high-quality bikes “Made in Taiwan”. So in 1988, he took the second big step by launching the independent brand MERIDA: In accordance with the corporate philosophy, the frames of a complete range of sophisticated and internationally recognized bikes should be graced deservedly by the three syllables “Me-Ri-Da”.

In 2013, MERIDA celebrates its 25th anniversary – and justifiably so, we are very proud to live up to the expectations of our founder. By combining an experienced German R&D centre with excellent Taiwanese production competence, MERIDA is able to satisfy demanding bikers with everything imaginable – models for children, e-bikes or high-end racing machines. We are especially proud of the fact that MERIDA lives up to its ultimate athletic ambition every year by equipping elite pilots like the MTB riders of the MULTIVAN MERIDA BIKING TEAM or the pro road racers of the TEAM LAMPRE-MERIDA with top-level “working tools” scoring highest athletic honours very regularly.

On the occasion of this successful quarter of a century, we are also proud to present our customers a new appearance of the brand MERIDA with Model Year 2014: MORE BIKE. Because a MERIDA always offers the essential “more” which gives you the pleasant feeling of having chosen the right bike.

Mr. William Jeng
Senior Vice President Merida Industry Co., Ltd.
Company overview
Merida Industry Co., Ltd. is located in Yuanlin, Taiwan. The company was founded in 1972 by Ike Tseng (1932-2012) and started to produce its first bikes on July 10th, 1973. By now Merida is well known for its German engineered high quality bikes both off- and on-road as well as in terms of leisure and urban biking. There are two more production locations in Shenzhen and Shandong (PRC). This is the offcial company fanpage, guided by the marketing department located in Germany.
General info
Merida & Centurion Germany GmbH
Blumenstraße 49-51
D-71106 Magstadt

Telefon +49 (0) 7159 9459-600
Telefax +49 (0)7159 9459-500
[email protected]

Registergericht Stuttgart HRB 245247

Wolfgang Renner

USt-IdNr.: DE813260161
To build any kind of bike with the uncompromising demand to build it without compromises!

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Mountain Bike Reviews - Merida Bikes Silex 9000 2018
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Merida isn't a brand that tells you what to think about their bikes. Having undergone a transformation over the past few years, they have quietly released some exceptional bikes into the mountain bike world. Not shy of trying something new, the traditionally Lycra focussed brand now have class-leading ebikes, enduro bikes and even a hardcore hardtail. This meant I wasn't…

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Mountain Bike Reviews - Merida Bikes Big Nine XT 2017
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Merida has hit the ground running in 2017, they have launched a barrage of bikes into the arena to do battle with the trail, enduro and e-bike establishment. With bikes like the Big Trail, the ONE SIXTY and their electric equivalents, this has been a special year for the brand. But what of the heritage, the kind of bikes Merida…

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Mountain Bike Reviews - Merida Bikes Big Trail 900 2017
Merida Bikes Big Trail 900

When Merida announced their 2017 lineup, I thought it would maybe feature a few new models or a colour change here and there. What I wasn't prepared for was an almost complete overhaul of the range, changes to style, geometry, specs and nearly everything else. Hidden amongst this brand new set of machines was the Big Trail, an aluminium hardtail…

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Mountain Bike Reviews - Merida Bikes EBIG.Trail 900E 2017
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Pitchforks and flaming torches at the ready, it's time for an e-bike review, so if you're feeling angry stop reading now and find your nearest forum to vent your rage. Still reading? OK, let's do this. We know Merida has come into 2017 with a fresh look and attitude with their new range of modern, trail focused bikes including the…

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Mountain Bike Reviews - Merida Bikes ONE FORTY 800 2017
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The One-Forty range is Merida’s contender for the (you guessed it) 140mm travel 27.5” All Mountain sector, with the top of the line 800 sporting a pair of 150mm RockShox Revelations up front, which gives some indication as to the persona of this solid looking bike. Revelations now share the same chassis at Pikes with 35mm stanchions and are much…

Mountain Bike Reviews - Merida Bikes ONE SIXTY 7000 2017
Mountain Bike Reviews - Merida Bikes ONE SIXTY 7000 2017
Merida Bikes ONE SIXTY 7000

With Merida giving their range a massive overhaul this year, there has been a lot of excitement around a certain all-mountain/enduro bike they were releasing - the One-Sixty! The model is available in three builds with this bike we have on test, the One-Sixty 7000, sitting in the middle of the range. Merida are from Taiwan, the home of bike…

Mountain Bike Reviews - Merida Bikes One Twenty 8000 2016
Mountain Bike Reviews - Merida Bikes One Twenty 8000 2016
Merida Bikes One Twenty 8000

The Merida 120 sits in that middle ground of bikes that have become collectively known as “trail”, which covers seemingly everything from around 110mm-150mm of travel in a wide variety of combinations and indeed wheel sizes. Being neither cross-country nor enduro machines, they are realistically intended to do the sort of riding most people do, most of the time. Like…

Mountain Bike Reviews - Merida Bikes Big.Nine Carbon 1200-D 2012
Mountain Bike Reviews - Merida Bikes Big.Nine Carbon 1200-D 2012
Merida Bikes Big.Nine Carbon 1200-D

Having tested a couple of Merida bikes in previous issues it came as no surprise to see that the Big.Nine Carbon is a striking looking bike that gives off an air of speed. The black, white and blue livery in complimented by the handsome DT Swiss forks. It is not all about good looks however, the bike has to perform…

Mountain Bike Reviews - Merida Bikes One Twenty Carbon XT-D 2012
Mountain Bike Reviews - Merida Bikes One Twenty Carbon XT-D 2012
Merida Bikes One Twenty Carbon XT-D

The Merida One Twenty is a striking looking bike that just looks fast. That may be something to do with the company’s name blazoned along the downtube as they are very much a brand that puts low weight and high speed high on their list of priorities. The oh-so-fast Schwalbe Racing Ralph tyres that will doubtless suit the bike in…

1 week ago

MTB legend José Antonio Hermida and road racing star Joaquim ‘Purito’ Rodríguez will return to the 2019 ABSA Cape Epic In a week’s time, José…

2 months ago

Merida are super excited to be the new partner of The EX, the all-inclusive 3-day UK Enduro mountain bike event like no other. Over the…

3 months ago | 1:51

2019 will see Sea Otter Europe Costa Brava-Girona reach its third edition. No one would guess that this successful event is in fact so young…

8 months ago

For every DH and Enduro bike that hits the slopes there's a short-travel trail shredder waiting in the shadows for its one chance to prove…

1 year ago

After embarking on the Cape Epic adventure for their first time in 2017, former Mountain Bike World Champion José Antonio Hermida and retired road racing…

1 year ago | 6:1

Many races try, but very few succeed to do what the DMREx has done. Gently, almost covertly, the race has gained a reputation as one…

2 years ago

After the of key models like the multiple award winning eONE-SIXTY, the lightning fast SCULTURA DISC, the test winning ONE-SIXTY and the super light weight…

2 years ago

Merida is a big company, probably bigger than most riders imagine. Known for their XC heritage they've been putting some pretty exciting bikes out over…

2 years ago | 03:18

Sun, Sea, Sand and Suffering, the Battle on the Beach went down this weekend on the South Coast of Wales, and is the only race…

2 years ago

Even now, being retired from the world of World Cup racing, Merida athlete José Antonio Hermida is not holding back when it comes to his…

2 years ago | 22:8

With a career in mountain biking which lasted more than 20 years and a long string of World Cup and World Championship wins on his…

2 years ago

Two giants of the world of cycling will form the high-powered MERIDA FACTORY RACING team to leave their mark on the 2017 ABSA Cape Epic.…

Issue 57

The world is changing and in order to secure our future as a small independent publisher we’re launching a new supporter program. Love our content? Then for less than the cost of a beer you can help us to keep it coming!

4 weeks ago
Issue 57

Pivot's new Firebird 29 gets rated alongside Polygon's budget Siskiu N9. Rose keep things electric and Merida offer up a dropbar winter training tool. Plus the verdict on the mighty Rockshox Lyric.

4 weeks ago
Issue 56

Merida's brand new 120 hits the trails alongside bikes from Rocky mountain, Vitus and Marin. We see what Gwin's brakes are all about, try USE's new Helix dropper post and press Reset on 661s latest full face helmet.

5 months ago
Issue 55

Ebikes are here to stay and have finally got good enough to really get busy on the trails. We got our hands on the latest crop of rides and took them out into the wild to see what they could do, and find out more about these strange new beasts.

7 months ago
Issue 55

More images with no particular place to call home this issue!

7 months ago
Issue 54

This issue it’s all about contrast, with hot, short travel trail bikes from Pivot and Marin alongside Merida's long travel ebike. Dropper posts get put through the test machine as we try out five of the best on the market.

9 months ago
Issue 54

More images with no particular place to call home this issue!

9 months ago
Issue 52

Don't be afraid; they are still bikes after all. We take a look at the rapidly growing 'gravel' bike market and wonder if they are just mountain bikes with curly handlebars. Hitting the trails, we see what they are capable of and talk to the people who make them about why they are so good.

1 year ago
Issue 52

A World Championship smashing enduro bike from Nukeproof, a rowdy hardtail from Commencal and a couple of funky gravel bikes make the line up of test machines this month. Slowing things down hard and fast is the name of the game as we put some four-pot brakes through the mill and see if they can offer the killer power they all claim.

1 year ago
Issue 52

More images with no particular place to call home this issue!

1 year ago
Issue 51

More images with no particular place to call home this issue!

1 year ago
Issue 50

2018 bikes are coming through thick and fast, with a trail bike from Merida, a big travel monster from Saracen and a wild pink hardtail from Pipedream. The sophisticated Pivot Mach 5.5 gets a going over and our e-bike this month is from Lapierre. Also, we take a look at Formula's Selva forks and see if they can perform on the trail.

1 year ago

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