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Range, low weight, full power support. Riders now want much more from their assisted mountain bikes than they ever have, but sometimes the best compromise to make is no compromise at all.

To achieve a bike that would please all kinds of rider, Merida went back to the drawing board and created an all-new performance eMTB range; they call it eTRILOGY. These three bikes share key ingredients, but each has a fundamentally different flavour to help them deliver the right performance for the ever-growing group of e-mountain bikers: the all-carbon eONE-SIXTY CF, the all-aluminium eONE-SIXTY LITE and the all-aluminium eONE-FORTY LITE.

The eONE-SIXTY CF is an all-carbon, lightweight, full-power, high-performance eMTB. Equipped with 170 mm front and 174 mm rear travel (27.5″ wheel), a fully integrated 600 Wh battery that can be extended to 960 Wh, it offers maximum handling performance and manoeuvrability when every second counts thanks to its low overall weight, full level support and extremely low battery position in the downtube.

The eONE-SIXTY LITE offers maximum range combined with full-level support and perfect trail performance. Sharing the same travel as the eONE-SIXTY CF, the all-aluminium eONE-SIXTY LITE features a 750 Wh removable battery that can be upgraded to over 1100 Wh for unparalleled range, while the latest geometry, suspension and feature updates improve trail handling and performance.

The eONE-FORTY LITE is designed for riders who don’t need the extra suspension travel, or who are looking for the incredible versatility of an eMTB SUV to combine everyday use during the week with outstanding trail performance at the weekend. Equipped with a large 750 Wh removable battery, the ability to extend it to over 1100 Wh range, a full support drive unit and a lighter, more versatile specification.

While the eTRILOGY bikes have very different characteristics so they can cater to unique user groups, much of the inspiration has come from the highly successful human-powered ONE-SIXTY and ONE-FORTY. They have played a huge part in the development process of Merida’s new e-full suspension bikes, with many of their test and award-winning features and technologies being shared with the new eONE-SIXTY / eONE-FORTY range.

The new e-full suspension bikes use an e-MTB-specific version of our FAST kinematic suspension, first introduced on the ONE-SIXTY and ONE-FORTY. It provides size-specific leverage ratios, allowing lighter riders to use full travel while providing taller and heavier riders with the support they need. The eONE-SIXTY range now also features Merida’s P-FLEX flexstay technology, reducing weight and maintenance needs, while the eONE-FORTY retains a rear pivot to make it easier to fit rear racks and full mudguards. All bikes can be run with a 27.5” rear wheel or as a full 29er without ruining the handling, thanks to our geometry-correcting FLIP CHIP.

Furthermore, the AGILOMETER sizing system allows you to choose from multiple frame size options. The low standover heights combined with long-travel or adjustable dropper posts across all sizes means you can pick a short reach for agility or a longer reach for stability. Merida has used geometry heavily influenced by the award-winning ONE-SIXTY, but refined it for the unique needs of an e-MTB. That means longer reach numbers, a slacker head angle and a steeper seat angle than the previous generation bike, but adjusted so that the handling is still dynamic, despite the increased chassis weight.

In terms of drive systems, the eTRILOGY range relies on Shimano’s latest EP801 motors, which was combined with a variety of battery types and sizes to cater for different user groups.

Finally, a long list of features and technologies, such as WIRE PORT cable integration, TRAIL MOUNT, TEAM TR dropper post (model specific) and more, have been introduced to the new eONE-SIXTY / eONE-FORTY range to offer maximum performance and user-friendliness wherever Merida’s eTRILOGY bikes are taken.

Fri 1st Mar, 2024 @ 3:30 pm

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