Popular Mountain Bike News Last 2 Months

2 months ago

Funnily enough, in some countries Mountainbiking is prescribed against depression. Bobo decided to make a spoof vid about it being a medicine, do you think…

3 weeks ago

It's #WipeoutWednesday again... Time to celebrate our cracked bikes, bones and egos! Yeeehá!!!

2 months ago

Epic shooting spot for #WipeoutWednesday material... The DH Cup Brioude 2022 was a drubbing contest!

1 month ago

BoBo is at it again, this time explaining in detail on how E bikes make you lose weight!

4 days ago

Professional mountain bike rider and YouTube legend Danny MacAskill joins forces with friends old and new in a celebration of the humble wheelie. In the…

1 month ago

Mountain bikers of all levels will be able to push their performance to new limits from today, as Continental announces its all-new Gravity Range of…

2 months ago

SRAM has quite some experience in making brakes. In their latest video they dive into the science and try to demystify the tech behind it…

2 weeks ago

Cause accidents WILL happen... and it's better to laugh than cry.

4 weeks ago

2x amateur World Champion and 8x Australian Champion Harriet Burbidge-Smith was born to ride. Since the age of 4, Harriet two-wheel escapade has seen her…

5 days ago

Pivot just released their new Firebird. We can tell you all about it, but I reckon it's more fun to watch their launch video instead!

2 months ago

We can't race DH but at least we try 😉 Irénée couldn't help himself and decided to check the World Cup track before the opening round…

1 month ago

Guys please... just throw the bike. You don't need to drag it to the ground with you. Poor bikes... they've got no decision on this.