Popular Mountain Bike News Last 2 Months

4 weeks ago

Red Bull Hardline, known as the most challenging downhill mountain bike race world wide, confirms the final rider list for this year’s Wales event. Following...

3 weeks ago

This has to be one of the gnarliest mountain bike events in the world and this year has not disappointed with new crazy MTB features....

3 weeks ago

Is a motorbike faster than a downhill mountain bike? Simple question with a straight forward answer. Most of the time... but what if you battle...

2 months ago

At Sea Otter no less than 3 brands presented new valve designs for high flow tubless setups. Normal valves tend to clog up and make...

1 month ago

We heard the Polish like their rock music heavy, so here you go. Proszę bardzo.

1 month ago

Professional racer, team manager, presenter and all round lover of downhill racing, Ben Cathro, has been giving us the inside line and the pro's perspective...

1 month ago

Biking changes when you become a Dad.

1 month ago

Take a first look at the NEW downhill track in Szczyrk, Poland! 🇵🇱

1 month ago

British MTB Slopestyle rider Matt Jones is constantly pushing the boundaries, both in competitions and on video. This time, he attempts an epic jump over...

3 weeks ago

Today's #WipeoutWednesday is a bit different... Remy is incredibly grateful to be alright after this one.

3 weeks ago

Ireland's Rónán Dunne made it a 2024 Red Bull Hardline double as he produced a magnificent ride on the world's most challenging downhill MTB course...

3 weeks ago

The stairs of Midsundtrappene are the craziest stairs Rémy Métailler has ever seen. Attempting them on his Mountain Bike was quite insane!