Popular Mountain Bike News Last Week

1 week ago

AbsoluteBlack, well known for revolutionising the chainring with their OvalRing technology, ventured into the world of brake optimization by launching a revolutionary brake pad using…

5 hours ago

It's Wednesday, and you know what that means! Time for another compilation of creative ways to eat some dirt. Which one is your favorite?

11 hours ago

A few months back, we sent TommyC down to the West Country to meet Joel Anderson for a couple of days of dirt surfing. With…

24 hours ago

The final Enduro World Series of the year, EWS Loudenvielle, did not disappoint. Race day saw some of the toughest conditions of the year, as…

2 days ago

There must be something in the air of the Pacific Northwest, because every year the trails fill with ever-younger riders going bigger and faster. When…

2 days ago

Think the trails you did over the weekend were technical? Think again! Watch Ludo May and Kilian Bron ride a trail steeper than your electricity…

7 days ago

The first athlete edit instalment from the freeride and downhill powerhouse that is Kaos Seagrave. Unhinged was created, designed, constructed, led and activated by Kaos…

6 days ago

As summer comes to an end, this might be the dream of any mountain biker. Made possible by the Azorean riders who miraculously drifted towards…

1 week ago

Always looking for your helmet? Or is your 200 USD MIPS equipped melon saver constantly flying through the back of the van? There's a solution…

2 days ago

The last EWS pro stage of the tenth season of Enduro World Season went down at EWS Loudenvielle, this afternoon. The Pro Women's and Pro…

1 day ago

Convert a school bus, get a bunch of mountain bikers into said school bus, drive around New Zealand, see what happensthat's basically the idea behind…

1 day ago

When you fall asleep at night, do you dream of bike park laps? Flo Payet does, that's for sure! Catch the big man in action…