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1 month ago

The Vermont Classic - history in the making. The ultimate combo of fashion and function. Grab yours today!

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1 month ago

Despite 5 trips and 7 months in Pakistan Julien Pica Herry, still wants to ski new lines out there. He tells us more about his trip last spring 🏂
👉 http://julbo.site/pica-in-pakistan 👈

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1 month ago

Welcome to the Julbo Team Anton Palzer 😃
👉 http://julbo.site/welcome-Anton-Palzer 👈

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1 month ago

Outline is the embodiment of our expertise in technical excellence & style 😉
📸 Jeremy Bernard Photography

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Europe: 0806001414 | USA: 802-651-0833
Company overview
Le regard tourné vers l'avenir, aux côtés de sportifs les plus exigeants et d'aventuriers de tous bords, Julbo innove en permanence pour développer des verres et montures techniques les mieux adaptés aux besoins de chacun. Fondé en 1888 dans le Jura, Julbo est depuis devenu un expert incontesté de la protection solaire en milieux à risque.
Always looking to the future, and in collaboration with the most demanding sportspeople and adventurers, Julbo is constantly innovating to develop technical lenses and frames that best meet the needs of everyone. Founded in 1888 and based in the Jura (France), Julbo has become an expert in sun protection for high-risk environments.
Founded in 1888
Outdoor and sporting goods company
+33 3 84 34 14 11
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Mountain Bike Reviews - Julbo Eyewear Arise REACTIV Performance Glasses 2019
Mountain Bike Reviews - Julbo Eyewear Arise REACTIV Performance Glasses 2019
Julbo Eyewear Arise REACTIV Performance Glasses

The Arise from Julbo may be marketed as an all-rounder, but it sits more than happily in the mountain bike zone. With adjustable legs, wide vision and venting around the lens the Arise ticks all the boxes for good cycling eyewear. The style is pretty neutral, definitely sporty, but not futuristic, and casual enough to have a coffee in without…

4 months ago

So those of you paying attention will know that the Shuttle is not a brand new bike from Pivot. Having been around for a year…

1 year ago

The best festival around?! Check out the highlights from the ever popular Ard Rock Enduro Festival. It was an amazing weekend of racing with an…

2 years ago

Mountain biking is as much about the people we meet, the places we discover and the feelings we get, as much as the speed, the…

2 years ago

Tyres, they're important. You need to have the right rubber for the job or you'll soon find yourself eating dirt and dialing for an ambulance…

2 years ago

Majestic, grand, overwhelming, huge, beautiful, gnarly... Canada is all of these things and more and Tito Tomasi is having one amazing time riding it. Treat…

2 years ago

Pivot-Reynolds Enduro teammates Antoine Caron and Brice Shirbach spent a good portion of the summer of 2017 bouncing back and forth between East Burke, Vermont…

2 years ago

With a chilled vibe and a backpack load of adventure this is two days' riding in Bask Country, Spain. Check this one out for a…

4 years ago

Got a head for heights and ready for a mountain biking adventure from snow-capped mountains to the depths of the Verdon Gorge? Taking us from…

4 years ago

Welcome to a smooth Mediterranean Monday morning. Kick back and remember the good times of the weekend with Nicolas Tikhomiroff and Narbaix as they drop through…

5 years ago

Never ending descents is what it's all about! Check out BMC Enduro Team riders François Bailly-Maître and Florian Golay pin it down the French Alps.

Issue 59

From fast XC to super long enduro, we have a big range this month. Bikes from Pole, Cube, Ragley and Marin are tested along with Motion's crazy linkage fork, and kit from Leatt, Julbo, X-Fusion and Marzocchi.

3 months ago
Issue 59

Ewen Turner chats to Chris Gordon about the technology behind modern riding eyewear, why we should use it and how they work.

3 months ago

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