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Mountain Bike Reviews - Norco Bicycles Bigfoot  2010
Mountain Bike Reviews - Norco Bicycles Bigfoot  2010
Norco Bicycles Bigfoot

We let Mike the Bike loose on a test rig, and although at first we live to regret it, he comes up smelling of roses with a new found friend! Hirsute Beauty - The Legend of Bigfoot In the dead of night, a distant phone rings. Struggling from my slumber I manage a muttered response. “Get round here Mike! I've…

3 hours ago

Hop on-board with your favourite Kiwi Sam Blenkinsop, as takes us for a hot lap down a dry, dusty Coronet Peak... We wish it was…

1 month ago

Prepare for your jaws to drop when watching this latest short film from the incredibly talented Matt Macduff. We're still left wondering what on earth…

2 months ago

Fighting the winter blues by making yourself go ride the amazing trails of Vancouver's North Shore? Sounds like a great idea to us! Follow Andrew…

2 months ago

Anyone else out there who lusts after their dream bike from back in the day? Follow Jordan Boostmaster as he is in the enviable position…

3 months ago

Known for her speed, style and creativity, Jill Kintner has become a staple name on the global MTB scene. Watch as she tears up her…

3 months ago

Jill Kinter shows us that she's still Queen of the Mountain in this awesome POV video on the trails at Chuckanut Mountain outside Bellingham -…

3 months ago

Norco Women’s Ambassador Jo Peters communes with Autumn and its sensory link to her life’s journey on the loamy trails of British Columbia’s interior.

11 months ago

It’s the kind of ride dreams are made of – untouched dirt in the Southern Alps of New Zealand on trails that flow like mountain…

1 year ago

Well it certainly looks like Luis Gerstner has had one heck of a 2019! Another sick year of ripping trails!!! Here are my highlights of…

1 year ago

Norco is introducing their much-anticipated 2020 Sight All- Mountain bike, featuring the Ride Aligned™ design system and so much more, read on for more info:…

1 year ago

Norco Bicycles is excited to announce the totally re-designed and re-focused Optic–the latest addition to their line of world-class mountain bikes. Developed on, and inspired…

1 year ago

The Norco Range VLT is a monster of an e-bike – there’s no denying it. If smashing through tough, burly trails, careening down rock faces,…

Issue 62

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1 year ago
Issue 58

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2 years ago
Issue 54

For 2018 Crankworx is bigger and better than ever. Perhaps the best all-round test of a mountain biker it is attracting more and more athletes to test themselves against this diverse challenge. Jill Kintner knows a thing or two about winning the overall, so we caught up with the Queen herself to see how it's done.

3 years ago
Issue 44

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4 years ago
Issue 40

Born and bred in Banff, Canada, these two brothers have been tearing up the mountain bike world and performing far beyond expectation for such young riders. The future of mountain biking is in safe hands.

5 years ago
Issue 5

Hardcore hardtails this issue, bikes from Evil, Genesis, Marin, Norco and Ragley are put through their paces.

11 years ago
4 years ago

We are driven by a genuine passion for cycling in all its forms, and that passion is the foundation for everything we do. We've been making bicycles a long time - over fifty years now - and it just keeps getting better. Behind the walls of Norco's two offices you will find some of the most dedicated and committed people in the cycling industry. They've made cycling more than a job, they've made it their lives. Day in and day out we work with bicycles, trying to bring you the best, most innovative products possible so you can enjoy the best ride you've ever been on. We do it because we love our bikes and we think that the world would be a better place if more people took to the pedal. We're not starting a revolution, we're just trying to get more people to ride. It really is that simple. Norco Bicycles was founded in 1964 with the idea of getting more people on bicycles. Over the past 50 years, this philosophy has moved from its Canadian beginnings and can now be found in more than 25 countries. Norco as a business has always focused on the people. Cycling is at the root of Norco and being passionate about the products that we design and ride has made for continued innovation and world-class products. 1964 Outdoor & sporting goods company Not applicable

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