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Mountain Bike Reviews - Stans NOTUBES Arch S1 Wheelset 2018
Mountain Bike Reviews - Stans NOTUBES Arch S1 Wheelset 2018
Stans NoTubes Arch S1 Wheelset

Stalwarts of the mountain bike wheel scene, Stans have been rolling out hoops for a long time and have always been at the forefront of rim development. Their Flow rim was wide and strong ahead of its time and their development of tubeless setups has been hugely important for mountain bike development. Their main range of rims can be simplified…

Mountain Bike Reviews - Stans NOTUBES Arch Mk3 Wheelset 2017
Mountain Bike Reviews - Stans NOTUBES Arch Mk3 Wheelset 2017
Stans NoTubes Arch Mk3 Wheelset

Stan's have been doing the tubeless thing for some time now, and their range of products for keeping air in tyres without tubes is well developed and widely used. Their wheelsets have been well received and used throughout mountain biking, from XC to downhill and everything in between, always being ahead of the curve. We are in a period of…

1 month ago

Follow the crew at Propain in this video as they finish off their season of racing and riding in Europe with some product testing aboard…

2 months ago

Amazing trails, a vibrant downtown filled with craft restaurants, breweries, and distilleries, and, of course, the best ice cream on the planet, Waterbury, Vermont is…

2 years ago

Ibis have just announced the new S-Wheels and rims in conjunction with Stan's NoTubes. At first glance they look to be a solid, competitive wheelset,…

2 years ago

Stan’s NoTubes is proud to introduce the new Flow EX3, an extremely durable new line of rims and wheelsets designed for downhill, enduro and the…

2 years ago

Marin Mountain Bikes Inc. has announced the of the Mount Vision, the next Marin model line to feature the R3ACT–2 Play suspension system from Naild,…

2 years ago

A slab of bad weather should never come between you and your daily bread. Bike Park Wales is hallowed ground for UK mountain bikers, so…

2 years ago

Ever dreamed of ditching the rat race and embarking on a once in a lifetime bikepacking trip of awesomely epic proportions? Escape the grind with…

2 years ago

Joe Smith joins the team this year and brings with him years of racing experience. One of the remaining flat pedal racers we can't wait…

2 years ago

We finally get a first proper look at the brand new bike from Atherton Bikess as Dan, Gee and Rachel announce their team-mates and partner…

2 years ago

Click here to see how to maintain your bike like a pro! Get that 'new bike' feeling after every ride, with a little help from…

2 years ago

Get a load of these amazing shots from Keith Valentine, a.k.a. Phunkt - a man to whom camera wizardry and an eye for a shot…

2 years ago

#HotOrNot It's a super tough call (because let's face it, who doesn't want this ride in their bike shed?) but we're going to ask it…

Issue 57

Ewen Turner catches up with the Atherton brothers to chat racing, life after racing and digging trails. From playing in the woods to world-class riders, they are still both at the top of their respective game with no plans to take their foot off the gas.

2 years ago

First Name In Tubeless Stan's Notubes, a small company from Big Flats NY, dedicated to improving the ride of cyclists through tubless wheels and sealant. A small company with a big name. Specializing in lightweight bike components including tubeless tire systems, rims, wheels and sealant. Stop flats and improve your ride. 2000 Outdoor & sporting goods company £

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