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Mountain Bike Reviews - Magura MT7 PRO 2019
Mountain Bike Reviews - Magura MT7 PRO 2019
Magura MT7 PRO

Magura has always offered a wide range of braking solutions for your bike, ranging from lever shapes to piston combinations, brake pads to colour options. Modular adjustability is the key for Magura and their #Customiseyourbrake system allows riders all the choices to make their brake ideal for them. For me, I was after power, and if you want 4 pot…

Mountain Bike Reviews - Magura MT7 2017
Mountain Bike Reviews - Magura MT7 2017
Magura MT7

Designed and made in Germany, and born from their super-moto big sister, the Magura MT7s have landed on the scene in a sleek looking package that provides unrivaled stopping power. Heir to the old and highly regarded Gustav M, these are Magura’s latest flagship brakes designed and built for gravity and high speed riders. To allow these high power beasts…

3 weeks ago

The new CT disc brake is the latest creation from the Magura brake experts in Bad Urach, Germany. It is specially designed for all-road use…

1 month ago

Who dares to doubt Danny's words? E-Bikes open a new world of possibilities, especially when you have big brakes to keep your bike in control!…

3 months ago

Taking on the edge to a whole new stratosphere. Follow Austrian trials mountain biker, Tom Oehler, on his mission through the Dolomites, taking on the…

5 months ago

Ever since Bart Brentjens won the very first Olympic mountain bike race in Atlanta in 1996, the neon-coloured brakes from MAGURA have been synonymous with…

8 months ago

What a crazy year this has been! 2020 was one of the coolest but also toughest years for me. Israel is my Playground and Home…

1 year ago

Watching Fabio Wibmer in his 9 to 5 makes us wonder where things went wrong?! I guess we can't all be super-human can we... How…

1 year ago

Presenting the all-new Radon Swoop, with a super unique specification featuring suspension from Intend, Magura brakes and P-rope wheels. Finished off with a killer riding…

1 year ago

Wondering how many tries it took Fabio Wibmer to film  Homeoffice? Go behind the scenes!

2 years ago

Go behind the scenes with Fabio Wibmer's latest video, Israel is my Playground to see just what it takes to make that perfectly edited video…

2 years ago

Fabio Wibmer heads over to Israel in his latest edit, and his first aboard his new Canyon bikes! Thanks to Visit Israel for inviting me…

2 years ago

Another 2019 recap video for you all, this time coming from one of the biggest internet stars of 2019 - Fabio Wibmer: Big projects, my…

2 years ago

New year, new decade, New Year’s resolutions. It’s January and as always after the festive period the rush for the gym starts again. In some…

Issue 66

After edition one, we went out and researched the effect of high end disc rotors and various brake lever options on the smiles-per-hour.

2 months ago
Issue 65

There is a lot to fine tune on your brake setup. We venture into the world of discs, pads, levers and pistons to help you get your brakes dialled.

4 months ago
Issue 64

The spot to awe at a big selection of jaw dropping bike pics.

6 months ago
Issue 63

A real head turner at Eurobike, the MCi cockpit from Magura seeks to do away with all cables on your bars, it looks freaky, uses some really intelligent engineering and we get the low down right here from Michael Ruopp.

2 years ago
Issue 62

More images with no particular place to call home this issue!

2 years ago
Issue 60

We swing a leg over Pivots rocket ship XC bike, Radon's bargain enduro rig and hit the jumps on DMRs Sect. Short travel forks from Fox, RockShox and Suntour get put through their paces alongside kit from Magura, Leatt and Ortlieb.

2 years ago
Issue 60

More images with no particular place to call home this issue!

2 years ago
Issue 48

This issue we have bikes from Rocky Mountain, Liv, Merida, DMR, Orange and Rose, and we check out SRAMs new ShockWiz and Magura’s MT7 brakes!

4 years ago
Issue 39

Danny MacAskill needs no introduction, when he makes a new film, the world stops what it is doing and watches in awe!

6 years ago
Issue 28

More images with no particular place to call home this issue!

8 years ago
Issue 26

One of the most successful mountain bikers in the history stops by for a chat, Anne talks about her love of Enduro and some of her greatest achievements in the sport!

8 years ago
Issue 18

We chat to the U23 National Champ about how she discovered riding and her hopes for the future

9 years ago

MAGURA - Finest hydraulic components for bicycles and motorcycles - made in Germany! Expertise in high precision injection moulding. EU: - USA:

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