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The new MAGURA MT A2 offers everything that has made the MT family famous: proven MT braking performance, effortless installation & maintenance and a five-year leak-proof-guarantee. And all this at an extremely attractive price!

At first glance, the new MT A2 is a universal genius that operates discreetly in the background. In practice, however, it stops powerfully like any other MAGURA brake and is more than ready for any terrain. With its considerable braking force and stability, the MT A2 is the new entry into the world of MAGURA disc brakes for usage scenarios ranging from City to MTB to light duty e-bikes.

Integration has become a key design concept for the bicycle industry. Many bicycle concepts aim for sleek cable & tubing routing. The Magura MT A2 accomplishes this goal perfectly.

The MT A2’s tubing outlet lies parallel to the handlebars, ensuring that the line routing also meets today’s demands for clean cockpits. The MT A2 thus gives riders an immaculate design, especially for bikes with internal headset routing.

Powerful braking force and an excellent design don’t make a good brake by themselves – because the one of the main requirements nowadays is reliability. This is why the MT A2 relies on the proven Magura Royal Blood brake fluid. In contrast to many other brake fluids, it doesn’t need to be changed periodically.

The Magura developers also succeeded in integrating large brake pads into the MT A’s calliper. This significantly extends maintenance intervals.

When worn, the pads can be easily removed from the top even with the wheel installed – an unusual feature in this price range and one which saves a lot of time during maintenance procedures.

The MT A2 features a newly designed caliper with maximum piston retraction which allows for easy, noise free installation.

Should a crash or a defect occur, Magura offers pre-bled brake masters and callipers as spare parts for the MT A2. This enables dealers and experienced customers to repair the brake even faster.

As with all its in-house bicycle brakes, Magura also gives the first purchaser of the MT A2 a 5-year, leak-proof guarantee for the brake master and calliper.

The MT A2 is designed to match the most common standards and hub options. Three different rotors enable the combination with 6-hole, 5-hole and centerlock hubs. There are 180 and 160-mm rotor diameters to choose from.

The MT A2 will be available from summer 2023 exclusively on complete bikes.

– Usage scenarios: City, Trekking, Allroad, MTB, perfect for E-Bikes
– Weight: 250 g
– Brake master material: Carbotecture
– No. of pistons: 2
– Lever blade: 3-finger, Carbotecture
– Reach adjust: Torx T25
– Brake fluid: Royal Blood mineral oil
– Mounting Interface: Postmount
– Quick pad change thanks to removal on the top side
– 5-year guarantee against brake master and calliper leaks
– Rotors: MDR-A 6-hole, MDR-A 5-hole, MDR-A centerlock
– Diameter & thickness: 160 mm, 180 mm – 1.8 mm
– Brake pad: MAGURA 10.A

Tue 20th Jun, 2023 @ 12:30 am

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