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3 weeks ago

The new CT disc brake is the latest creation from the Magura brake experts in Bad Urach, Germany. It is specially designed for all-road use…

1 month ago

Who dares to doubt Danny's words? E-Bikes open a new world of possibilities, especially when you have big brakes to keep your bike in control!…

3 months ago

Taking on the edge to a whole new stratosphere. Follow Austrian trials mountain biker, Tom Oehler, on his mission through the Dolomites, taking on the…

5 months ago

Ever since Bart Brentjens won the very first Olympic mountain bike race in Atlanta in 1996, the neon-coloured brakes from MAGURA have been synonymous with…

8 months ago

What a crazy year this has been! 2020 was one of the coolest but also toughest years for me. Israel is my Playground and Home…

1 year ago

Watching Fabio Wibmer in his 9 to 5 makes us wonder where things went wrong?! I guess we can't all be super-human can we... How…

1 year ago

Presenting the all-new Radon Swoop, with a super unique specification featuring suspension from Intend, Magura brakes and P-rope wheels. Finished off with a killer riding…

1 year ago

Wondering how many tries it took Fabio Wibmer to filmĀ  Homeoffice? Go behind the scenes!

2 years ago

Go behind the scenes with Fabio Wibmer's latest video, Israel is my Playground to see just what it takes to make that perfectly edited video…