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The Bosch eBike ABS and the MAGURA ABS brake components harmonize perfectly, forming a high-precision system that enables controlled and precise braking, especially in tricky situations, and creating the conditions for more speed and increased safety on the bike.

The demands made on e-bike brake components are more sophisticated than in the case of ordinary bicycles. The higher weight and speeds of e-bikes necessitate reliable braking processes that can be fully controlled at all times – because emergency braking manoeuvres in city traffic, on unpaved roads or in wet conditions are potentially dangerous situations for e-bike riders.

With this new Bosch ebike ABS and the perfectly matched MAGURA MT C ABS components, both have taken the next step for greater safety and increased performance.

During the development of the eBike ABS, both companies benefited from their many years of experience with anti-lock braking systems for motorcycles. As a specialist for eBike drive systems and ABS, Bosch ensured the seamless integration of the eBike ABS into the eBike-system. Brake specialist MAGURA developed ABS brake components designed specifically for e-bikes.

Correct braking isn’t an art – it’s a question of technology

The Bosch eBike ABS supports riders during braking on a wide range of surfaces and in most of the hazardous situations that can arise. To achieve this, the eBike ABS possesses two crucial essential functions.

During harsh braking, the Bosch eBike ABS control unit regulates the brake pressure on the front wheel, preventing it from locking. As with a car, the bike then brakes at intervals until it comes to a stop. Steerability is maintained, and the rider sits safe and secure on the saddle.

The intelligent rear wheel lift control also reduces the possible lifting of the rear wheel in the event of extremely harsh front wheel overbraking. This prevents hazardous handlebar drops and rollovers, especially on non-slip surfaces and downhill gradients.

Thanks to its different modes (Cargo, Touring, Allroad and Trail), the eBike ABS can be used on bikes for urban use as well as on sporty mountain bikes. Performance-focused trail bikers can also brake with greater control in sudden situations and on a wide range of surfaces. A Bosch accident research study showed that 29% of all electric bike accidents could have been avoided if the bikes had been equipped with the eBike ABS.

MAGURA MT C ABS components – perfectly dovetailed into the system

The new Bosch eBike ABS consists of a control unit and the ABS features integrated into the system (control indicator light and ABS tile on the display), two wheel speed sensors, and the MAGURA MT C ABS brake components, including the ABS rotors and sensor discs.

The innovative control function of the Bosch eBike ABS places unique demands on the brake master. The most important feature of the MT C ABS brake master is its greater oil delivery volume, which enables the control unit to regulate the brake pressure. The well-known MT brake masters were designed with a 10 mm master piston – but MAGURA developed the MT C ABS master with a 12 mm master piston, which delivers a greater volume of oil.

A larger master piston usually results in higher actuating forces for riders. To solve this problem, MAGURA created new lever kinematics in the axial master cylinder of the MT C ABS family. This adapted kinematics design reduces the amount of manual force required, ensures short lever travel, and easily modulates braking power. Depending on the usage scenario, two- or three-finger lever blades are used, and in typical MAGURA user-friendly style, individual lever blades can also be changed.

The one-piece forged two- or four-piston calipers, well-known in the award-winning MAGURA MT, provide the necessary braking power and stability. The rigid design forms a solid basis for high deceleration values and effective heat dissipation. Perfect for e-bikes, ensuring consistent braking even at high speeds and with heavy loads.

MDR-C (180 mm / 203 mm) or MDR-P models (180 mm / 203 mm / 220 mm) are used as rotors. Sensor discs mounted on the rotor enable the ABS wheel speed sensor to measure the speed and immediately detect any critical locking of the front wheel and lifting of the rear wheel. The sensors are inconspicuously integrated into the MAGURA adapter or mounted on the fork or frame.

The familiar Easy Link plug-in connections from the MAGURA Cockpit Integration (MCi) are used with the ABS control unit. This facilitates maintenance during servicing since the brake master and brake caliper can be easily separated and dismantled.

The new Bosch eBike ABS with MAGURA MT C ABS components will be available on complete bikes from summer 2022. Retrofitting is not possible.

More information at: http://www.magura.com/ebike-abs-system

Thu 14th Jul, 2022 @ 9:30 pm

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