– Bosch eBike ABS will soon be available with brake components from Tektro
– All eBike types will be supported with corresponding ABS modes
– Bicycle manufacturers will have the flexibility of choosing between two brake manufacturers

Introduced last year, the new Bosch eBike ABS system makes braking safer on any surface, significantly reducing the risk of falling or being thrown over the handlebars. If all eBikes were equipped with ABS, up to 29 percent of all accidents involving eBikes could be mitigated or completely prevented each year – as proven in studies conducted by Bosch Accident Research. Bosch eBike Systems is pleased to announce that it is working with Taiwanese brake specialist Tektro to make this safety gain available to many more eBikers.

“We are firmly convinced that eBike ABS will become established on all eBike types in the long term and will become standard on high-quality eBikes,” explains Claus Fleischer, CEO of Bosch eBike Systems. “Alongside Magura, we are now working with another renowned brake manufacturer, Tektro, who are particularly concerned about the safety of eBikers*. We are looking forward to working together.”

Tektro’s braking systems will be available for all Bosch-powered eBike types – from the eCity and eTrekking bike to the eCargo bike and eMTB – optimised for specially developed ABS modes (ABS Touring, ABS Allroad, ABS Cargo and ABS Trail). For eMTB, the braking systems of the sporty Tektro brand TRP are also compatible with the eBike ABS.

Bicycle manufacturers are set to have greater flexibility to choose which braking systems they use when installing the Bosch eBike ABS. The first eBikes with the Bosch eBike ABS and Tektro brake components are expected to be available from the third quarter of 2023.

Mon 27th Mar, 2023 @ 9:30 pm

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