Mountain Bike Reviews - Tannus Armour 2019
Mountain Bike Reviews - Tannus Armour 2019
Tannus Armour

While the world may have gone tubeless, Tannus aim to convince us that it may not be the only way to get reliable puncture protection in your wheels. Working with inner tubes, the Tannus inserts wrap around the tube giving a thick layer of foam at the top, thinning as they wrap around towards the rim of the wheel. They…

9 months ago

How low can you run your tire pressure? Have you ever wondered what is possible when running 12 psi? We'll look no further. We met…

3 years ago

Fresh into the IMB office this week we have a range of goods to put through their paces, some of which are more unusual than…

4 years ago

Is this tyre solution even better than tubeless? Claimed to be 100% puncture proof, it's a tall order - could you be running this set…


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