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19 hours ago

On a scale of 🔥 to 🔥🔥🔥, where does this Leisure Lakes Bikes Daventry #OrbeaOrcaAero rank?

Are you WE ARE ORBEA group member? Join it to share your bike and you rides with the Orbea community.

#MyOrbea #Orbea

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23 hours ago

Food, crucial for athlete.

In this video, we had a chat with Team KMC EKOÏ ORBEA on that very topic during the fourth round of the MTB World Cup.

#RideFightWin #MyOrbea

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1 day ago

Today you aren’t alone.

We’ll be as passionate as we always are, always have been.

#OrbeaTerritory #RideFightWin #Orbea

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2 days ago

Good night and good weekend.

#OrbeaOiz #MyOrbea

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2 days ago

Want to see how our new #OrbeaRallon link works?

We invite to discover our new Orbea Tech Youtube channel and watch it.


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2 days ago

Hello, Le Tour de France. It’s time to start climbing.

We’re ready for you!

#OrbeaTerritory #OrbeaOrca #TDF

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3 days ago

New #OrbeaAlma, for the fastest.

We've released new colors, graphics and assemblies on Orbea's flagship XC MTB.

Discover the whole new line by clicking here: https://www.orbea.com/bicycles/mountain/alma

#MyOrbea #Orbea

Orbea Bicycles posted a video
4 days ago

Food is one of the pillars that’s crucial for athlete performance. In this video, we had a chat with Team KMC EKOÏ ORBEA on that very topic during the fourth round of the World Cup.

Our riders finished the weekend strong, with Victor Koretzky taking third place in Friday's Short Track event.

See you in two weeks in Val di Sole.

#RideFightWin #MyOrbea

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4 days ago

Today is the #WorldEmojiDay and we need one to describe this 🔥 #OrbeaOccam.

Can you help us?

#MyOrbea #Orbea

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5 days ago

Simplicity and tech.

Meet Squidlock, our innovative and new remote block. Why squid? XC handlebars and the tangle of cables remind us of the sea creature and its tentacles, and Squidlock is our solution for a streamlined cockpit.

More handlebar space and easier access to your suspension is no longer a dream. Many remote shock absorbers are already compatible with a three-position lock. Squidlock now gives you total control over it and unlocks your bike's fullest potential.

Discover it at: https://www.orbea.com/equipamiento/accesorios/cat


We are more than a bike company, we are a cooperative business and passionate family. We speak cycling at the table and this is our Facebook.
Company overview
Welcome to the Orbea Facebook Page! We actively participate in Facebook to provide information to our fans and encourage a friendly community of riders just like us.

Questions? Epic Rides? Photos? Post them here! Since you are part of our family, we like to hear about your adventures.

Please note that the Orbea Facebook Page is not a forum for customer service questions, please contact your Orbea dealer or regional distributor if you have any concerns regarding your Orbea.
Bicycle shop
+34 943 17 19 50

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