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– Occam SL is the essence of adventure, with its fast trail geometry and efficient suspension bringing control and flow to your trails.
– Occam LT will encourage you to push hard and is ready to attack the rowdiest trails with aggressive, adjustable geometry and progressive suspension.

Your bike should match your vision of the ride, adapting to whatever adventure your trail takes you on. That can mean razor efficiency and instinctive handling to one person, or it can mean floating jumps, railing high mountain corners and pulling up over roots to another.

Orbea has just released the new Occam platform with two different versions: on one hand, Occam SL with fast trail geometry and efficient suspension, which brings control, flow and fun to your adventures.

On the other hand, Occam LT is the devil whispering in your ear that you can push harder, stay off the brakes, and take it just a bit further. Luckily it brings the backup to get you out of whatever trouble you get into!

What makes the new Occam SL unique?

– Fast Trail Geometry

The Occam SL has the Fast Trail Geometry: a design that gives you control, capability and adjustability. Balanced geometry that puts you in the perfect position to bring more flow to your adventures.

Travel: 140mm / 140mm.
Head: 65.5º
Seat: 78º
BB Drop: 38mm
Reach: 490mm
Chainstays: 440mm

– Lock on the go

Remote lockout comes to trail bikes with Occam SL. Locking and unlocking the suspension quickly becomes second nature. Squidlock is designed to work with Occam SL’s patented Inside Line technology, giving easy control of your shock and dropper post as well as integrating with the brake clamps to further simplify your handlebars. The Orbea patented I-line is simply the sleekest, most direct, most integrated shock lock-out on the market.

– Carbon Shock Extender

Details such as the carbon shock extender on the Occam SL maximize rigidity and minimize weight. It is details like this which mean that Occam SL is so light but also handles and pedals so well.

What makes the new Occam LT unique?

– Progressive Trail Geometry

Orbea uses a Progressive Trail Geometry for the Occam LT to put the riders in the perfect position to attack the trail. With the “Attitude Adjust” you can quickly tune the geometry to suit whatever adventures you have in mind.

Travel: 160mm / 150mm.
Head: 64º (lowest) – 64.5º (low)
Seat: 77º (lowest) – 77.5º (low)
BB Drop: 36mm (lowest) – 28mm (low)
Reach: 480mm (lowest) – 485mm (low)
Chainstays: 440mm

– Attitude Adjust

Using the QuickFlip chip on Occam LT allows you to adjust the geometry in a few seconds. Using a clever eccentric axis design, you only need to slacken the bolt, using the 6mm hex tool in the rear axle, and pull slightly upwards on the toptube. In less than 15 seconds you can choose between the Low and Lower positions; a change of 8mm in the bottom bracket height and 0.5º in the headtube.

Common technologies in both Occams (SL & LT):

– Steep and Deep

Due to the uninterrupted steep seat-tube all riders should be able to fully insert a 230mm dropper in their Occam. Drop your saddle right out of the way on the descents, giving more space to your body and more control.

Occam is available in four sizes, S, M, L and XL, however Steep’n’Deep and one of the shortest seat tubes around mean you can pick between sizes to get your preferred reach. Choose a larger size to maximize stability, or go with a smaller size for a more playful

– Asymmetric is Efficient

The silhouette of Occam is instantly recognisable however this design is chosen purely for the efficient use of the material. The offset brace allows Orbea to remove material elsewhere, tuning stiffness and lowering weight.

Orbea adds high modulus and high strength fibers to a standard layup to improve stiffness-to-weight ratios. Bladder molding with EPS forms and PU headtube and bottom bracket inserts stop wrinkling and unconformities in critical zones, allowing less carbon to be
used while maintaining strength.

In addition to the carbon version there’s a high polish alloy frame. Manipulating the shapes and wall-thickness of the aluminum tubing increases strength and resistance to unwanted flex. Many of the tubes are double and triple butted to save weight in the middle of the tubes, away from the stress of the joints and the weld zones. Each weld on the main frame is polished smooth, matching the aesthetics of a monocoque frame. The action of polishing the welds increases fatigue resistance at these high stress points.

– Integration

The new Occam features a number of integration features like the Sealed Internal Cables, SIC System: fully sealed, internal cables that are quieter and more reliable, and make swapping spacers and cables really easy. Our race mechanics agree that routine maintenance, adjusting the cockpit and changing cables is easier than it ever was with standard cable routing, while our racers love the lack of distractions and the lack of noise from cables moving.

Cables are fully guided from the rear to LOCKR and from there it is easy to reach the headtube if you ever have to replace a cable outer.

– Second Skin: Styling and Protection

Occam is ready for a tough life and the replaceable vinyl protection brings new styling options as well as keeping the paintwork looking like new for longer. The beauty of Second Skin is that if you get bored of the look, or simply want to refresh your bike, you can easily
remove it and replace it with a different design.

Fully sealing the bearings protects them from dirt and ensures that everything lasts longer and keeps working smoothly even when the conditions are filthy. The integrated chain guide offers enough protection to make sure you don’t drop your chain even on the roughest trails. The new chainstay and downtube protectors are quieter thanks to added air gaps in key areas, helping absorb any sound and protect the frame from impacts.

– Adventure ready

Whether you choose Aluminium or Carbon you can enjoy the advantages of the updated LOCKR with easier access. Store tools, lunch or even a jacket easily beneath the water bottle mount ready for easy access.

Occam ́s Fully Loaded Pivot (FLP) includes a multitool with 2, 3, 4 and 5mm Hex Keys held securely in place with a magnet while the rear axle holds a 6mm Hex key. All the tools you need for quick adjustments right at hand.

The Occam uses custom co-moulded plastic protectors to shield the frame from impacts and remove chain noise. Cable noise is eliminated using internal cable guides, improved silicon plugs at the frame entry and exit points and clever conduits linking the front and rear triangle.

– Best ingredients

Occam SL comes with the fast MP wheelsets from OQUO, minimizing weight without sacrificing reliability for trail users. Occam LT comes with the tough MC wheelsets from OQUO, maximizing grip and reliability.

– You are unique, your bike should be too

Configure your bike with MyO to ensure that it arrives ready for your idea of adventure. You can choose different protective vinyls with a selection of graphics to offer even more options to get a unique Occam via MyO. To tune your ride there are a wide range of component and suspension options available via the MyO configurator.

– Models and specs

  • Occam is available in OMR carbon for those looking for the lightest weight or in Hydro for riders who are prepared to accept a few extra grams.
  • Occam has 4 different sizes: S, M, L, XL.
  • Orbea offers two different colour schemes in the OMR frame and three in the Hydro frame.
  • MyO will allow riders to personalize their bikes even further.

On orbea.com you can find all the information about the new range and personalization options.

Fri 6th Oct, 2023 @ 9:30 pm

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