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When Orbea launched Rise back in 2020 it shook up the world of e-bikes. They didn’t invent the lightweight eMTB category, Rise just changed the perception of what these bikes could do. Rise offered a level of integration, performance and range that helped shape the
lightweight ebike category.

Rise gave Orbea a headstart in the lightweight ebike category, but they didn’t rest. Even as they launched the first Rise, they were already working on the future. They built a dedicated team of electronic engineers who pushed batteries and communications to the limit while the mechanical design team were working on frames and testing with their OOlab team. The result? The best just got better.


Rise is ready to reshape the lightweight e-bike market once again. The totally redesigned frame is stiffer, with updated geometry and more travel, meaning better handling than ever. The Shimano EP motors run Orbea ́s next generation RS firmware which gives an incredibly natural ride while letting riders set a maximum torque of 85 Nm. Rise ́s custom batteries have the highest energy density currently on the market, meaning massive range in a lightweight package.

Low weight and natural assistance mean lightning reflexes and fun handling that connect you to the trail. That is what Orbea means when they say “Less E, More Bike”; it means that your bike works with you to turn every trail, feature, and corner into pure joy.


1. PERFORMANCE FIRST: The Most Connected Ride

Rise rewrites the rulebook on ebike handling, floating, popping, manualling, and slicing
through the corners as it disappears into the distance.

TUNED RIGIDITY. Stiff In The Right Place: Bikes can be too stiff, or too flexible. High performance bikes need the correct rigidity, in the correct places. Orbea have worked hard to increase front triangle stiffness by 8% and rear triangle stiffness by 14% giving the perfect balance. This is where their testing shows the sweet spot for handling lies; stiff enough for hard cornering and braking, but not too stiff which would limit grip and increase rider fatigue.

ASYMMETRIC DESIGN: Rise ́s new asymmetric frame design, already proven in the new Occam and Rallon, is key to finding the perfect structural performance. The position of the brace, together with Orbea ́s SBS (Secure Battery System) increases torsional rigidity. The result? The best ride performance, meaning precise, confident handling no matter what the trail.

SIZE TUNED STIFFNESS: The asymmetric frame design allows Orbea to tune the frame rigidity for each size, making sure that as tube lengths and leverages change the feel of Rise stays the same.

LONG TRAVEL DROPPERS: Steep ́n ́deep has set a new standard in bike design, the ability to fit a long travel dropper lets riders drop the saddle right out of the way on the descents, giving more space to move and more control. Now all Rise riders should be able to fully insert a 200mm dropper and on sizes L and XL that increases to an astonishing 230mm.

2. RS POWER: More Fun, More Of The Time

Rider Synergy, (RS) is the heart of Rise. Orbea ́s custom firmware works with Shimano ́s EP8 motors to give the most natural, elastic assistance and best in class battery range for the most epic adventures.

NEW RIDER SYNERGY. RS GEN2: “Less e more bike” means more natural assistance and longer rides. Orbea says that a ride this good is only possible when you consider power and range and together, right from the start. Everything is a balance.

Rise ́s next generation firmware and electronics makes it possible to configure the motor output up to 85 Nm. Orbea says that thanks to the instant, lag free power delivery the increase in power feels no less natural. In fact, in testing, riders find that it feels more natural at lower cadences, such as on technical trails or tougher climbs. Rise now offers 15% more power, delivered at lower cadences, compared to the previous bike. Rise comes pre-configured with two ride modes:

– RS mode offers a maximum of 54 Nm of torque, configured for the most epic adventures with natural and elastic assistance delivered in the cadence range where your body is working best.
– RS+ mode takes advantage of the full 85 Nm of torque to give a ride that feels natural and powerful when you are pushing harder.

Both modes are configurable via the Shimano E-Tube app.

3. RS RANGE: Don’t Accept The Limits

“Less e more bike”, means forgetting about range anxiety. The natural RS Gen2 assistance works with you to involve you in the ride, providing power where it is needed and conserving battery life elsewhere.

16% MORE RIDING IN EVERY GRAM: Orbea’s latest generation of batteries offer more power without adding extra weight, giving an energy density better than any other battery currently on the market. The result is more range, without increased weight. Orbea riders are regularly clocking up more than 3000m of climbing on a single charge with the bigger batteries.


– 420Wh battery, For The Lightest Ride. Riders looking for the best handling and lightest Rise will choose the 420Wh and will use the new Range Extender for the longest weekend adventures.
– 630Wh Battery, For Maximum Range: Riders looking for the longest range can choose the 630Wh battery. Of course, since rider weight has a big effect on range, heavier riders can choose the 630Wh option.
– 210Wh Range Extender, Easy to add range for the most epic rides. Smaller than a water bottle and weighing just 1.1kg.


We all have a different vision of the trail and Orbea believes in creating unique bikes for every rider. There are two Rise to choose from (SL & LT) and each model can be configured at the time of purchase with Orbea ́s revolutionary MyO program.

RISE LT is the bike for trail shredders, with a 160mm Fox 36 fork paired with 150mm of supple, progressive travel. The aggressive trail geometry is modern giving the bike confident but fun handling on the most technical trails. Orbea increased the progressivity of the suspension curve to 23% which gives a great balance for a trail bike and also works well with either air or coil shocks.

On the other hand, Rise SL will appeal to trail riders who prefer flower trails. With a carbon shock extender to change the suspension kinematics, Rise SL offers 140mm of rear travel, tuned with a bit more anti-squat to give even better pedaling efficiency, matched to a 140mm Fox 34 fork.

RISE OFFERS MORE OPTIONS THAN EVER BEFORE. That starts with the choice of LT and SL and continues with our MyO Configurator. Use our chart to get the perfect size dropper to take full advantage of our Steep ́n ́Deep design. You can also choose the XT Di2 groupset if you want to take advantage of Shimano ́s autoshift. Everyone should take a moment to choose bars and stems to get the perfect cockpit set-up.

Orbea offers Rise with OQUO wheels. Depending on the model you can choose the lightweight, race-ready MP30-LTD wheels, the carbon Enduro MC32-LTD or the alloy enduro MC32-Team wheels. These wheels are packed with technology to give the best performance and are backed up with an industry-leading warranty.

Tue 7th May, 2024 @ 12:30 am

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