Martin Maes, Flo Espiñeira, Vid Persak and Edgar Carballo form a solid front to tackle a new season in which they will give it their all in every race.

It’s an exciting year for the Orbea Fox Enduro Team. The addition of Martin Maes and Flo Espiñeira is a new boost for an ambitious team, eager to take the lead and give it all they’ve got in each race. This is the DNA of the Orbea Fox Enduro Team, a daring maverick team that is facing the new season with more reinforcements, enthusiasm and motivation than ever.

Martin Maes and Vid Persak will be the riders focused on the Enduro World Series, while Flo Espiñeira and Edgar Carballo will have their sights set on the E-Enduro World Series on the Wild FS model. We’ll also see Flo and Edgar in some of the rounds of the EWS on their Rallon, especially in those where there is no ebike competition.

“It’s an exciting year for us; we’re eager to start to compete and give it our all in every race. Martin and Flo are going to be very important riders in the Orbea Fox Enduro Team family and we cannot wait to see what we can achieve together,” says Sports Marketing and Sponsoring Manager, Iñaki Ucin.

Along with some top-level riders, the structure is also the best of the best. Primož Štrancar will be the new Team Manager of the Orbea Fox Enduro Team, while Javier Lorenzo will once again be the team’s head mechanic and the person responsible for keeping the Rallon and Wild FS in top condition.

The team will compete in the Enduro World Series with the Rallon, a model that Orbea recently fully revamped. The competitions evolve and so does the material, and now the riders will have modern material that is also adaptable for competition. They can now choose a Rallon full 29er or mullet with an air or spring shock (among other features), depending on the route for each round of the EWS.

For the E-EWS, the team will ride the Wild FS brand of eMTB. Flo and Edgar will have to let loose the wildest side of the 85Nm Bosch motor for the climbs and the sophisticated adjustable suspension downhill. The team will also use other models from the Orbea range to train, such as the Oiz and Orca.

You can follow the team and find out all about these evolutions through the social media accounts of the Orbea Fox Enduro Team. You can also experience the competition with new episodes of Take a Lap, the documentary series that the team will premiere this year, along with a few other surprises that are yet to come.

Meet the riders

Martin Maes
Place of birth: Belgium
Social media:@martin_maes5
EWS Rider

“I’m excited for this new chapter of my life. The goal of the season is to perform, have fun, but most importantly, keep improving every day the way I ride my bike. I’m looking forward to start the EWS races.”

Vid Persak
Place of birth: Slovenia
Social media: @vidpersak
EWS Rider

“I want to contribute with all my knowledge and hard work to make me and the team as fast as possible.”

Flo Espiñera
Place of birth: Chile
Social media: @floespineira
E-EWS Rider

“I hope to enjoy it a lot. It’s really a dream come true to be able to be 100% focused on competing and training. I hope that this is the year that marks a turning point in my sports career… From here to the top!”

Edgar Carballo
Place of birth: Spain
Social media: @edgarcg22
E-EWS Rider

“I would like to improve every day with the experience from each of the races and provide the best image for the brands that support me.”

Making the team possible

For this new season, the Orbea FOX Enduro Team maintains its relationship with the same brands from last season, which provide crucial support for the team.

“Their help allows us to have this structure and to aspire to goals that would be unthinkable without their assistance. We are very pleased by the confidence they show in the project and the work we have been doing. In return, we will give it all we’ve got. We want to thank our main partners, Fox and Race Face, as well as all the others: Bluegrass, Fizik, Maxxis and Galfer. We’d also like to thank Bosch, who supports us in the E-EWS competition,” says Iñaki Ucin.

Fri 8th Apr, 2022 @ 9:30 pm

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