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Sam Pilgrim posted a video
2 months ago

Road bike backflip!! 😁

Sam Pilgrim posted a video
4 months ago

Here's my GoPro race run from the Down Puerto Vallarta urban DH race in Mexico!!

Sam Pilgrim posted a photo
4 months ago

This was insane fun and we had some huge crashes!!

Sam Pilgrim posted a photo
4 months ago

The best fun ever!

Sam Pilgrim posted a photo
5 months ago

HOW I SEE IT is back and this time in Oahu, Hawaii!

Sam Pilgrim posted a video
5 months ago

Had a sick urban session in San Francisco! Full video on my channel! 🤘🏻🎥: GoPro

Sam Pilgrim posted a video
6 months ago

THE MTB QUAD IS HERE!!! Full video on my channel!

Sam Pilgrim posted a video
6 months ago

The White Line Trail at Tidworth B1kepark is so sick, full video on my channel showing you all the runs this bikepark has to offer! Shot on GoPro

Sam Pilgrim posted a video
6 months ago

Following Chris Smith through the Pro Line at Windhill bikepark on my new Haibike Dwnhll 8.0! Full video over on my channel!

Sam Pilgrim posted a video
6 months ago

Perfect landing! Full video over on my channel! GoPro

- Pro Freeride mountain biker.
- Former world champion.
- YouTuber
- Bike rider
- World traveller
- Explorer

My name is sam pilgrim and I'm a 26 years young professional free rider mountain biker from colchester,UK.
My life consists of travelling the world competing in the Freeride mountain bike world tour (FMB world tour), which is a series of contest's where i perform tricks to impress the judges and hopefully make it onto the podium.

As well as competing i also spend my time creating fun and inspiring content and share it across all my social media platforms. Making video's is my primary goal and i aim to make at least 2 video's per week....

Not only is this my job it is also my favourite hobby and I'm super stoked that i can do this everyday of my life, i'd like to thank all my fan's and sponsors who make this possible!!
Personal info
I'm a professional freeride/dirt jump mountain biker from colchester,essex,UK

I ride for:

You can also follow me on twitter/instagram: @sampilgrim
Personal interests
biking, surfing,skateboard, snowboard, moto

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4 days ago

Everything is tested and ready for take-off as the Audi Nines in Birkenfeld kick into full gear. Join Sam Pilgrim and company backstage as they…

3 months ago

Building MTB freeride jumps and trails is always so sick, Sam Pilgrim and Oscar Golding build some HUGE features to hit on their Enduro mountain…

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The crazy mountain bike quad is back and this time crash test pilot, Sam Pilgrim, is doing some bike park shredding, but how many bike…

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Everyones favourite MTB YouTuber Sam Pilgrim takes delivery of a new bike - watch the vid to see what it is and to see him…

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Everyone's favourite rider / YouTuber Sam Pilgrim has just announce he has signed up with bike cleaning company, Muc-Off. Muc-Off is stoked to announce the…

6 months ago

From the wise words of Sam: I went bike park shredding on my new downhill bike and it was sick! The huge jumps and technical…

6 months ago

Well, I mean, obviously it's a DH, triple clamp fork'd tricycle of doom - why wouldn't it be? You really think you've seen it all…

8 months ago

Flying out of windows, down concrete staircases and over your next door neighbour's washing line, this is the insanity of Taxco urban DH and we…

8 months ago

What is Sam Pilgrim like? Here's the gap tooth gypsy stunt monster doing the one thing you always wanted to do as a kid but…

8 months ago

That mad pair Sam and Lewis Pilgrim take to the trails of Windhill MTB Park again to show off the flexibility of their Haibike MTBs…

9 months ago

Santa shreds a mountain bike at Chicksands Bike Park after falling out of his sleigh and borrowing Lewi Pilgrim's Haibike electric mtb! After turning up…

10 months ago

Can a bargain bike (or, in this case, a free one) be as good as a modern MTB? Chances are you've already made up your…

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