Sam Pilgrim

Sam Pilgrim

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3 days ago

Insane MTB trail-shredding and sending jumps! Sam Pilgrim drives to Devon for a van life camping mission to ride mountain bike trails, hit the local…

1 week ago

Huge jumps and full speed MTB trails! Sam Pilgrim rides the Bull Track Bike park and has the best time shredding the jumps and sending…

4 weeks ago

Game of bike - Enduro MTB edition! Sam Pilgrim and Bernard Kerr battle it out with different riding challenges on their Enduro mountain bikes! But…

4 weeks ago

After some heavy skatepark shredding, Sam Pilgrim and Bernard Kerr meet up for an MTB trail session before firing up the pit bikes for a…

1 month ago

Urban freeride gap jumps and MTB trails! Sam Pilgrim and Bernard Kerr ride the new MTB hopper kicker ramp, and urban freeride lines before sending…

1 month ago

You asked for more, so here is the answer: Slowing Things Down. Tag along with the crew in this Slow-Motion accumulation of the best shots…

1 month ago

Huge MTB kicker ramp sends - Urban MTB freeride! Sam Pilgrim rides the MTB hopper ramps in different locations and sends big tricks in and…

2 months ago

Riding mountain bike trails at full speed with Pro DH racer Bernard Kerr in the Surrey hills! Sam Pilgrim and Bernard Kerr both get out…

2 months ago

Big MTB tricks and electric motocross shredding! Sam Pilgrim cleans up his field and goes for a ride! With lockdown restrictions eased, I decided to…

2 months ago

Mini mountain bikes - Trail shredding and jumps! Sam and Lewi Pilgrim head to the local woods on the mini MTB's to ride the bike…

2 months ago

Epic MTB shredding - Trail crashes and urban sending! Sam, Lew and Hope head out on the e-bikes and ride the local MTB trails before…

2 months ago

Sam Pilgrim fits downhill forks on his tandem bike and sends it! After fitting some Fox 40s, Hope joins him for a ride on the…

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1 year ago

SAM PILGRIM - Pro Freeride mountain biker. - Former world champion. - YouTuber - Bike World traveller My name is sam pilgrim and I'm a 29 years young professional free rider mountain biker from colchester,UK. My life consists of travelling the world and riding my mountain bike! Not only is this my job it is also my favourite hobby and I'm super stoked that i can do this everyday of my life, i'd like to thank all my fan's and sponsors who make this possible!! biking, surfing Sportsperson

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