GO3 Camera by Insta360

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GO3 Camera by Insta360

Sam says:

“VR Biking – Riding MTB in 3rd person is crazy! I try mountain biking in third person using virtual reality goggles with the gopro app and it was so so difficult! Technical riding challenges were tried but can I ride down stairs?

Me and Lewi Pilgrim were watching YouTube videos when we came across a ridiculous video by TGFbro where they tried out this crazy 3rd person mount with VR goggles and it was so funny. In their video they attempted to ride MTB and didn’t do to well so I instantly wanted to give that a go and made the same setup as them! After cutting a VR headset in half and making it longer to make it work with the gopro app we headed out to the local test ground for crazy bikes and sent it down the hill and to our disbelief it actually worked pretty well! We had two GoPro camera on the setup, one was for the live view to the app and the other was to film the madness! Once I got used to riding with the goggles on it was time to try and get technical and attempt to ride down some stairs, but would this work??

Of course some crashes and fails took place but that is certainly part of the fun! We were both riding the Haibike allmtn 2.0 in this video and it worked out to be the perfect VIRTUAL REALITY bike!!

After hitting a few classic spots around my hometown it was certainly time to give up on this crazy idea and hit one final urban MTB freeride spot without the VR headset just to come back to real life!!”

Fri 23rd Oct, 2020 @ 3:30 am

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