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Mountain Bike Reviews - Teva Links MTB Shoe  2012
Mountain Bike Reviews - Teva Links MTB Shoe  2012
Teva Links MTB Shoe

Teva are well known and respected player in the active footwear market and have strong pedigree in dressing the feet of many a participant in a range of outdoor pursuits. Having supported the freeride mountain bike scene for some years it would seem natural that they would turn their attention to developing a shoe for that market. Designed in collaboration…

3 weeks ago

Sam Pilgrim is back and this time causing havoc on this custom MTB trike! Check out the video above, anyone fancy giving this a go…

5 months ago

Building MTB freeride jumps and trails is always so sick, Sam Pilgrim and Oscar Golding build some HUGE features to hit on their Enduro mountain…

6 months ago

The crazy mountain bike quad is back and this time crash test pilot, Sam Pilgrim, is doing some bike park shredding, but how many bike…

7 months ago

From the wise words of Sam: I went bike park shredding on my new downhill bike and it was sick! The huge jumps and technical…

7 months ago

Well, I mean, obviously it's a DH, triple clamp fork'd tricycle of doom - why wouldn't it be? You really think you've seen it all…

10 months ago

What is Sam Pilgrim like? Here's the gap tooth gypsy stunt monster doing the one thing you always wanted to do as a kid but…

10 months ago

That mad pair Sam and Lewis Pilgrim take to the trails of Windhill MTB Park again to show off the flexibility of their Haibike MTBs…

10 months ago

Santa shreds a mountain bike at Chicksands Bike Park after falling out of his sleigh and borrowing Lewi Pilgrim's Haibike electric mtb! After turning up…

11 months ago

Can a bargain bike (or, in this case, a free one) be as good as a modern MTB? Chances are you've already made up your…

11 months ago

Riding backwards down steps and skatepark ramps isn't usually a good idea but human crash test dummy and stoke factory Sam Pilgrim is all over…

11 months ago

What a rare beauty this bike is! And it's free? Unbelievable scenes from Sam Pilgrim as he takes on another free bike challenge. This time…

12 months ago

Chow down on all you can eat tracks from Mr Pilgrim - loamy, jumpy, steep... you name it, Surrey Hills has got it! These are…


We go anywhere, do anything, and live for the unscripted moments that make the best memories. /blog /teva /teva /teva Teva was born in the Grand Canyon back in 1984, when a river guide rigged two Velcro watchbands to an old pair of flip flops and created a shoe that wouldn’t float away. Three decades later, we’ve grown up into an icon of comfort and utilitarian style. How you choose to live is the ultimate form of personal expression, and around here, we want to seize every second—to live light and loud. If you’re up for anything and love the thrill of spontaneity, then we are your people. This adventurous spirit—the one that pioneered the very first pair of Teva sandals—takes form in everything we create. 1984 on the Colorado River Clothing (brand) (800) 367-8382

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