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Mountain Bike Reviews - Teva Links MTB Shoe  2012
Mountain Bike Reviews - Teva Links MTB Shoe  2012
Teva Links MTB Shoe

Teva are well known and respected player in the active footwear market and have strong pedigree in dressing the feet of many a participant in a range of outdoor pursuits. Having supported the freeride mountain bike scene for some years it would seem natural that they would turn their attention to developing a shoe for that market. Designed in collaboration…

5 days ago

Sam says: VR Biking - Riding MTB in 3rd person is crazy! I try mountain biking in third person using virtual reality goggles with the…

4 weeks ago

Sam Pilgrim out on the streets? It can only mean one thing - full speed stair gaps and heavy landings!

2 months ago

Sam Pilgrim once again shows us that we really shouldn't be blaming our bikes for our lack of skills out on the trail! The free…

2 months ago

Sam Pilgrim hitting big jumps on his enduro bike and the fastest MTB trail ever! Sam's final ride in the French Alps blew his mind,…

3 months ago

Riding crazy downhill MTB trails - Chatel bike park in the French alps is fantastic and has so many incredible DH freeride trails, Sam Pilgrim…

3 months ago

Insanely steep downhill MTB trails and a huge jump line in France! Sam Pilgrim shreds Morzine, The french mountain bike mecca, riding Pleney, super Morzine…

3 months ago

Sam Pilgrim's new petrol-powered mountain bike is insane! Sending backflips, head to head racing and riding MTB trails full speed but how long will this…

4 months ago

The free bike challenge is back with Part 22 and the Ultimate MTB freeride machine! Sam Pilgrim pushes the limits of this free full suspension…

4 months ago

Check out Sam Pilgrim's new dream machine - The extreme MTB tricycle is back for more full speed drifts and stair rides! This has to…

4 months ago

Insane MTB trail-shredding and sending jumps! Sam Pilgrim drives to Devon for a van life camping mission to ride mountain bike trails, hit the local…

4 months ago

Huge jumps and full speed MTB trails! Sam Pilgrim rides the Bull Track Bike park and has the best time shredding the jumps and sending…

5 months ago

Game of bike - Enduro MTB edition! Sam Pilgrim and Bernard Kerr battle it out with different riding challenges on their Enduro mountain bikes! But…


Your guide for adventure from every day to epic. #StrapInToFreedom 100% of our iconic straps are now made of recycled plastic♻️ /blog /teva /teva /teva Teva was born in the Grand Canyon back in 1984, when a river guide rigged two Velcro watchbands to an old pair of flip flops and created a shoe that wouldn’t float away. Three decades later, we’ve grown up into an icon of comfort and utilitarian style. How you choose to live is the ultimate form of personal expression, and around here, we want to seize every second—to live light and loud. If you’re up for anything and love the thrill of spontaneity, then we are your people. This adventurous spirit—the one that pioneered the very first pair of Teva sandals—takes form in everything we create. 1984 on the Colorado River Shoe shop

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