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Mountain Bike Reviews - OneUp Components EDC Tool & Threadless carry system 2021
Mountain Bike Reviews - OneUp Components EDC Tool & Threadless carry system 2021
OneUp Components EDC Tool & Threadless carry system

Minitools are great, but I am sure everyone has been in the situation where you left yours in a different bag, or forgot to bring one at all. OneUp components have found a great solution for that with their Every Day Carry (EDC) tool. All basic tools you need, made to fit snugly in your steerer tube. When first launched,…

Mountain Bike Reviews - OneUp Components V2 31.6 / 210mm drop 2021
Mountain Bike Reviews - OneUp Components V2 31.6 / 210mm drop 2021
OneUp Components V2

OneUp components have been around for quite some time now. Based out of bike mecca Squamish B.C. the team that was once running the show at Race Face, now bring out some of the most innovative products in the bike industry while sticking to their motto, work less ride more. Rumor has it that they even have a 4 day…

Mountain Bike Reviews - OneUp Components Aluminium Pedal 2019
Mountain Bike Reviews - OneUp Components Aluminium Pedal 2019
OneUp Components Aluminium Pedal

OneUp, know for making products that shake things up a bit and illicit thoughts of 'I wish I'd thought of that', now have a pretty large range of products. One of their more 'standard' products is their flat pedal which offers up grip, reliability and innovation in a fine-looking package. At 115mm by 105mm, they offer up a large platform…

Mountain Bike Reviews - OneUp Components EDC Pump and Tool 2019
Mountain Bike Reviews - OneUp Components EDC Pump and Tool 2019
OneUp Components EDC Pump and Tool

OneUp has been casually rolling out awesome solutions to mountain bikers looking to reduce the need for a pack and de-clutter their ride. The EDC (Every Day Carry) Tool system is an elegant solution to finding somewhere to stash tools and is offered in two different styles. One slides into your steerer tube while the other slides into a pump…

4 weeks ago

Cold hands, bro? Build a cold weather bike set up like in this video! It's an easy trick that costs around £40 for the electronics.…

4 months ago

Nine minutes of Richie Rude, Thomas Vanderham, Kasper Woolley, Miranda Miller and Braedyn Kozman absolutely blasting at Big White Bike Park. What's not to like?

5 months ago

GET MORE DROP. Everyone at OneUp wants the longest travel dropper post we can fit on our bikes. We’re obsessed with maximizing drop by minimizing…

1 year ago

Honestly this bike makes me want to ride Downhill again. So incredibly stoked on that build! And by watching the video, we're sure to agree…

1 year ago

Just 1 minute of some awesome POV footage from Rémy Métailler featuring Whistler local Jackson Goldstone as they shred some of Squamish's finest

1 year ago

Young legend Jackson Goldstone appears to school Rémy Métailler on his local trails in Rémy's latest video!

1 year ago

As the title really, do you agree with Paul the Punter and his comments on what he wished he knew before he started mountain biking?!

1 year ago

As Rémy says; This guy basically invented Freeride Mountain Biking almost 40 years ago! Follow Brett and I on Instagram: @bretttippie @remymetailler Cheers to the…

1 year ago

Rémy Metailler hits up Bowen Island with Jay Boysen - a little Freeride Paradise with old school and new school stunts in his latest video...

1 year ago

OneUp doesn't have a dedicated women's team, but they do have some pretty amazing women on their team! So on March 8th, they celebrated International…

1 year ago

Espresso and John Deere are two of North Vancouver's most popular trails. But these blue flow lines are far from its gnarliest. So it was…

1 year ago

Fear is something very few athletes talk about, but I don't hide that I'm often scared. This is how I manage it though. - Rémy…

Issue 68

The holiday season is here and that means gifts! What cool stuff is currently out there to make you a happier biker?

6 months ago
Issue 66

On test this issue: BMC’s flagship down country beast the Fourstroke LT and Santa Cruz Tallboy X01. The PNW Loam post & lever, Fizik’s Tensor shoes, Schwalbe’s new Wicked Will, clothing from Double3, Peaty’s Clean&Lube; kit and OneUp’s EDC tool.

11 months ago
Issue 64

Even with a massive shortage of bikes, we managed to get some amazing bikes on test for you. Read our honest opinion on the CUBE Stereo Hybrid 160, Merida Big trail, Transition PBJ and a selection of parts by Kids Ride Shotgun, Melon Optics and OneUp components.

1 year ago

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