OneUp Components EDC Tool & Threadless carry system 2021 Mountain Bike Review

OneUp Components EDC Tool & Threadless carry system 2021

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At a glance

Minitools are great, but I am sure everyone has been in the situation where you left yours in a different bag, or forgot to bring one at all. OneUp components have found a great solution for that with their Every Day Carry (EDC) tool. All basic tools you need, made to fit snugly in your steerer tube. When first launched, you had to cut thread into your steerer tube to make the system work. Now however, OneUp components are offering a threadless carrier to make installment super quick and easy.

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About the brand

OneUp components have been around for quite some time now. Based out of bike mecca Squamish B.C. the team that was once running the show at Race Face, now bring out some of the most innovative products in the bike industry while sticking to their motto, work less ride more. Rumor has it that they even have a 4 day work week...
Besides being good to their employees, they also support a wide range of NGO’s and trail advocacy groups like SORCA, PORCA, World Bicycle Relief and reforestation projects with 1% of their annual sales (not just 1% of the profit as some greenwashing companies do).

The product

The EDC V2 tool has a total of 20 functions. 10 in the minitool itself and another 10 cleverly hidden in the other parts that make up the holder for the tool.

Minitool features:

2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm, T25 Torx. Flat Head Screwdriver. EDC Top Cap Tool

Tire lever / chain breaker features:

Tire Lever, Chain Breaker, 0,1,2,3 Spoke Keys, Presta Valve Core Tool, Spare Rotor Bolt

It has space for a spare Quick link, Co2 cartridges or some cash, tubeless repair kit, or anything small you want to bring. The tool comes with a small and large storage capsule, when using the EDC Threadless holder, you can only use the smaller capsule.

The Threadless holder fits most steerer tubes of the main manufacturers with a minimum steerer tube length of 190mm. There are a few forks that are not compatible, these are:  Fox 38 with oval steerer (Use a EDC Threaded install), RockShox 35mm Forks, Giant Overdrive 2 Forks. Cannondale Lefty Forks. Any forks with carbon Steerers.

The holder is available in 8 different colors, and retails for 40 USD / 40,50 EUR / 36,50 GBP

The EDC V2 tool retails for 59 USD / 59 EUR / 54 GBP

Out on the trail

When the first version came out, I remember looking at the setup and thinking “Wow, that’s clever.” But I never found the burden of carrying a minitool in my pack such a problem that I was ready to cut threads in my steerer tube. The arrival of the threadless carrier system however makes installing it a lot easier.

Mounting the carrier is dead simple. Taking out the star nut from your steerer is the most time consuming bit. Figure out which bolt length works with your bike, slide it in, tighten it and boom. Done. Taking the tool in and out is easier than with previous versions.

When it comes to using the tool, getting it out of it’s cylindrical holder is a bit finicky, but practice makes perfect. The tool functions itself are definitely for emergency repairs only. The small size of the mini tool makes it hard to apply torque because of the lack of leverage. But it will get most emergency jobs done. The spoke tool works fine, and has a good grip on your spoke nipple. The chain breaker is small, but does the job.

All in all it’s Rattle free, easy to install and with almost all the functions you need to make it back home. I say almost, because in order to fix a puncture on your tubeless setup, you would need to purchase the OneUp Plug and Pliers kit which sets you back another 30 or so dollars / pounds / euros. And the bummer with that is, your plier won’t fit if you’re using the threadless carrier setup.


A perfect, easy way to make sure you never leave the house without some emergency tools. Long lasting, good looking and functional. It will definitely stay in my bike for the seasons to come.

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This review was in Issue 66 of IMB.

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By Jarno Hoogland
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