Muc Off Stealth Tubeless Bar Plugs 2023 Mountain Bike Review

Muc Off Stealth Tubeless Bar Plugs 2023

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At a glance

The Muc-Off Stealth Tubeless Puncture Plug ultimate backup tool that’s cleverly stored inside your bar ends! The expanding silica plugs included cover most MTB and gravel handlebar sizes and the premium CNC Machined Aluminium bar ends are available in 10 anodised colours to match your ride. Price: 45 GBP

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The product

The Stealth Tubeless plug kit from MucOff is a clever tool that will save you if you have a puncture that can’t be sealed with just the sealant. Disguised as bar end plugs, the kit has a ‘jabber’ tool in one bar plug to help you put the ‘worm’ into the damaged tire and a knife tool in the other plug to cut off any excess plug.

They are made of 6061 machined aluminium, and come in a whooping 12 colour options. They weigh in at 33 grams per pair (excluding worms) and come with 17,19 and 21mm silica plugs to make sure they fit snugly inside your handlebars. Mounting them is a breeze, just select the right silica plug size and tighten the setup with a 4mm allen key.

Out on the trail

Mounting the plugs in our handlebars is dead easy. The included silica plugs are perfect to make them fit to our Enve handlebars. Once in place they were stealth, rattle free and dirt free until we decided to puncture a tire on a ride.

Removing the tools for use is done by a 4mm allen key and done in seconds. Most important bit about the tools is that they are functional. No matter how clever they are made or hidden, they’re pretty useless when they don’t work. Good thing the good people at MucOff know how to make a tool, so with these plugs, this isn’t an issue.

The holder is big enough to fit a few extra worms, we managed to get 2 medium sized ones in there. For longer rides, carry some in your pack just to be sure. When handling the plug tool the handle gives you plenty of hold to push in the plug. Using the cutting tool is also very effective. Be careful though, it’s razor sharp!

While using it  we had really zero issues with the setup. Even when the weather gets grimey, the silica rings prevent moisture and crud coming in. It never rattled and stayed in place without complaints.


Want to make sure you always have a way to repair a puncture with the added option of colour coordinating your bike? The Stealth Tubeless bar plugs are for you. They fit in your bars with ease and are so well hidden you can easily forget you have them!
Thumbs up from the IMB test team.

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This review was in Issue 77 of IMB.

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By Jarno Hoogland
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