Muc Off Punk Powder / Bottle for Life 2021 Mountain Bike Review

Muc Off Punk Powder / Bottle for Life 2021

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At a Glance

The Muc-Off Bottle for Life is a heavy duty alloy bottle with a spray nozzle, designed to last a lifetime.
Their brand new Punk Powder, is a highly concentrated powder that turns into a fast action bike cleaner when mixed with water.

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About the brand

Muc-Offs’ history starts all the way back in 1991, when a father and son decided to make the world’s first twin crown forks and the world's lightest bar ends. Being from the UK, they were frustrated at how long it took them to clean their bikes after each ride, so they set off to find a cleaning formula to make life easier.

Their products found their way into the world of motorcycles and even Formula 1!

On the sustainability front, Muc-Off is really playing their part. With their Project Green ( they try to reduce waste, create PTFE free products and replace plastic with FSC recycled cardboard in their packaging. Nice one!

The product

When unboxing the product, it is clear Muc-Off really tries hard at reducing waste. The recycled cardboard box only contains the bare minimum needed, and the alloy bottle feels very sturdy. It comes with a silicone impact resistant base, to make sure the bottle doesn’t get damaged when you drop it. The spray nozzle is made of plastic and has the option of a wide foam spray or a more direct spray.

The Punk Powder is a dehydrated concentrate of the classic Nano Tech Bike Cleaner. By just shipping the powder, they reduce 92% of the product's packaging! It also makes sending out refills a breeze, as they just fit through the letterbox. No more space wasted in big bulky boxes, which means less Co2 emitted by the whole logistics side of it.

If that’s not enough, the Punk Powder is Alkaline based, free from alcohol, CFC’s, solvents and acids so it’s safe to use on plastics, carbon, cables, seals, rotors and disc brake pads. It’s not tested on animals either, and readily biodegradable. The two tiny 30 gram sachets are good for 2 liters of cleaner.

Out on the trail

Using the Punk Powder is dead easy. Add powder to the bottle, fill up with water and shake it. After a ride you can just spray the mucky bits of the bike, let it soak in a bit and then rinse off. The different spray nozzle options are great to either cover the entire frame, or focus on some of the dirtier sections around the fork crown or bottom bracket area.

When rinsing the bike, it’s clear the mud releases easier, and it leaves less dirt residue on the frame after washing. We all know the feeling of looking at a clean just washed bike, to then see it totally dirty again after the water dries off.


The Bottle for Life is a great piece of kit that will definitely last a lifetime, even if you are not the most careful person out there, the silicone base really helps with that. Only thing we can think of that has room for improvement is the nozzle itself. It performs its task perfectly fine, but it would have been nice to see a higher quality version on such a nice bottle.

The Punk Powder is amazing. As a cleaner it works like a charm and the idea of just selling the concentrated powder is genius. How come no one else thought of this before?

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This review was in Issue 67 of IMB.

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