Peatys Products Clean, Degrease and Lube Kit 2021 Mountain Bike Review

Peatys Products Clean, Degrease and Lube Kit 2021

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At a glance

Taking care of your bike requires time, dedication and of course some quality products. We received a pack from Peaty’s that contains the basics for when it comes to keeping your bike in top shape. The pack contains Loam Foam bike cleaner, Foaming Drivetrain Degreaser and Link Lube.

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About the brand

Peaty’s was founded by Steve Peat and Bryn Morgan out of frustration of the then available tubeless sealants. Steve and Bryn had a chat, and decided they can do things better. Better sealant, and biodegradable too was the goal. The glittery Peaty’s sealant was born. From there it was a logical move to work on other key products like tubeless valves, lubes, cleaners and other stuff.

On the sustainability front there is no dedicated chapter on the website on the subject, nor do they openly support any NGO’s. It is very clear however that Peaty’s products are all biodegradable and they strive to use no single-use plastics in their products or packaging. To minimize waste, they offer concentrate of most of their products to refill your original package.

The product

Loam Foam is a mint fresh smelling biodegradable cleaner. It makes washing dirt and mud off easier. The Foaming Drivetrain degreaser takes care of removing any oil, lube and grease wherever you spray it. The Link Lube is a great all weather condition, dual component chain lube made with one part oil and one part wax.

The kit sets you back 26.99 GBP / 34 EURO / 30 USD and contains 1 liter of Loam Foam, 500ml of Foaming Degreaser and 120ml of Link Lube. It is sent out in recyclable packaging made from 70% recycled paper. All Peaty’s products are biodegradable. Buying the kit saves you 15% on buying it separately.

Out on the trail

Steve Peat is one of the sports living legends, and when he founded Peaty’s products the bar was set high. After all, his own name is at stake. The good news is that he doesn’t only have a wealth of experience, he also has a great network of riders, races and mechanics to test the products before they hit the shelves.

We had plenty of rain the past few weeks, which is a bit of a bummer with riding but was a great opportunity to test the products.

The Loam Foam is sprayed on your bike before washing, although I like to give the bike a quick rinse if the dirt has dried up. The nozzle allows you to choose between ‘mist mode’ and ‘foam mode’. Mist to spray your entire bike, and the foam mode does a great job of getting more product in those muddy areas around your bottom bracket, fork crown etc. Leave the product soak in for a few minutes and then rinse.

The foam definitely makes a difference, as dirt releases easier from your bike and leaves a shinier result when dried off. For the best result you still need to give the bike a wipe down, but that's a great time to check for cracks, broken parts or loose cables/spokes/bolts.

When using the Foaming Degreaser I noticed that it is very powerful. Just cover your cassette, derailleur and chain. Rinse et voila, a grease free drivetrain. I believe the Degreaser is best used first, to then use the Loam Foam before washing and drying your bike.

When it comes to chain lube, there are countless options out there. Wax, lube, all types of thickness (viscosity) and colors. Peaty’s Lube is made of two parts, and you should not forget to give it a good shake before applying. One thing I noticed is that it is quite liquid. So once applied make sure to wipe down your chain and other parts of your drivetrain, otherwise it will leak on other parts of your bike or your driveway.


The Peaty’s kit is a great way to save 15% on getting the supplies you need to keep that ride shining. Biodegradable, nicely scented and high quality stuff.  Just make sure you wipe that drivetrain after using the lube. In case you run out, there are concentrated refill packs available to top up. We would love to see a more durable spray bottle and spray nozzle though.

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This review was in Issue 66 of IMB.

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