Green Oil Eco Rider DeLuxe Set 2018 Mountain Bike Review

Green Oil Eco Rider DeLuxe Set 2018

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Occupying the top of the eco-friendly cleaning tree, Green Oil have carved themselves a position as makers of the most responsible and environmentally friendly bike products available. Now there are a lot of claims made, but judged against what is commercially available, these guys are keeping it clean.

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As a set, you get a bottle of cleaner, ready to be topped up (saving on weight) and features a re-used bottle top which is a nice touch. Along with the cleaner, we have a big cleaning brush, degreaser, wet and dry lube, and an eco rag. In addition to all this, a little packet of seeds is included which you can plant in the box that it all comes in, or use the box as a water tub - a nice added touch.

All these products are environmentally friendly and biodegradable, lacking in all things harmful. As a result, the packaging is devoid of symbols of dead fish and dying trees, which is reassuring.  We only use a relatively small amount of chemicals cleaning bikes compared to what goes down the plugholes in our houses, but if it's easy to switch, then why not?

In Use

The cleaner is quickly filled up and ready to use, saving transport costs and fuel in the process. It smells pretty good, but quite neutral and the spray is fast and efficient in getting a good covering. The cleaning effect is noticeable after leaving it for a few minutes and did a good job with no scrubbing. Add some elbow grease and the process is quick and easy giving a good finish. It's safe on carbon, and probably bunny rabbits, so it's good to use on all areas of your bike. You can even refill by diluting the chain degreaser which is the same stuff.

The chain degreaser, as mentioned, is the same formula and is in a thicker, gel form. This requires application to a brush and a good scrub of the chain to get it working, after which the effect is good, but not as aggressive as some degreasers out there.

The brush is a big plastic affair and isn't as good as the previous wooden brush I had used from the brand, but it is seriously robust and it's hard to imagine it wearing out. This tool is coupled with the Eco Rag, which is a piece of recycled cotton clothing, a timely reminder to just re-use stuff.

The oils I have used previously and found to be highly effective. The regular application of oil is key regardless, and both wet and dry lubes have done well.

Maybe we should all be asking our grandparents for homemade cleaning recipes, but in the meantime, these guys make the best efforts to reduce their environmental impact - and ours.


With cleaning ability that matches or surpasses the competition and prices which compete easily, it seems like an easy switch. We know the bike industry isn't the greenest, but with more companies like Green Oil making a conscientious stand perhaps we can move things forward.

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