Green Oil Ecogrease 2016 Mountain Bike Review

Green Oil Ecogrease 2016

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Green Oil is a company with a serious environmental agenda. Based in the UK, where most of the manufacturing is done, the company hold themselves to exacting standards of production, doing everything they can to produce products which have as little impact as possible, whilst maintaining high levels of performance. They don't use PTFE, their products are biodegradable, and the packaging is recycled.

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The Ecogrease from Green Oil is made from a sustainable plant source and is obviously biodegradable but, they are keen to point out, not water soluble. That would be a poor feature for a bike grease. The Ecogrease is intended for general use such as bearings, threads, seatposts etc. and is compatible with many grease guns out there to make application a doddle.

The texture of the grease looks slightly rough to the eye, but is super smooth to touch and easy to apply. Being organic in origin, it's skin safe so you can get messy without any worry. As is the way with grease, it's been applied to all those places I want to move freely on a bike including seat tubes and bottom bracket bearings. Despite the wet weather I regularly ride in, it has endured admirably and kept things moving as they should. Grease is not the most glamorous of products, but it has gone unnoticed, and done a great job.

When it is this easy to make an environmentally sound product choice, why wouldn't you choose an eco-friendly product with no reduction in performance over the big bad chemicals.

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By Ewen Turner
Ewen Turner is a self-confessed bike geek from Kendal in the Lake District of England. He runs a coaching and guiding business up there and has a plethora of knowledge about bikes with an analytical approach to testing. His passion for bicycles is infectious, and he’s a ripper on the trails who prefers to fit his working life around his time on the bike.

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