Squirt Cycling Products Tyre Sealant 2022 Mountain Bike Review

Squirt Cycling Products Tyre Sealant 2022

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At a glance

Squirt Tire Sealant is an ammonia free tire sealant with microbeads to help seal holes up to 6mm.
Price: 34,90 EUR 1000ml / 9,95 EUR 120ml

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About the brand

The South African brand pioneered a system with a syringe-like lubrication system that attaches to the bicycle downtube attached to the bottle cage, aligned over the chain so that one could lube their chain on the move. Once they designed and prototyped the device, they moved ahead and developed their own wax based lubricant to use with their new invention.

The product they came up with however, worked so well, that a continuous application through their new contraption was not needed. The wax based chainlube hit the shops and was an instant hit, later in 2004 the brand started expanding to the States, with big names like Ned Overend and Travis Brown endorsing the product.

Currently they have, besides the chain lube, a wide range of bike products like bike cleaner, saddle cream and of course the tested tire sealant.

From an environmental point of view, they create their products to be bio friendly and non harmfull to the environment. There are no other goals mentioned on sustainability or reducing their footprint.

The product

The tire sealant is available in 150ml, 1000ml and 1500ml packages and made from lates with natural bio fibres and beadblock granules to seal holes up to 6mm. It contains corrosion inhibitors and can be used between -20 and +40 degrees celsius.
Besides the bigger shop sized packages, they also have a 150ml bottle which is perfect to pack on a longer ride. For a 29’’ wheel, they recommend using 100-120ml, while a 27,5 or 26’’ will have enough with 80-100ml. The smaller packages can be used to fill through the valve, while the bigger two can only be poured straight into the tire. The BeadBlock granules can be ordered separately, letting you finetune how much of a puncture resistance you get.

Out on the trail

We used the sealant in combination with the new Continental tires for the past 3 months now. Installation was simple and when the sachet was attached to the valve it was super easy to get the sealant in without making a mess. It sealed the tire first try and has been going strong ever since. When it comes to the recommended amount to use, I always opt for the higher number. It will give a longer lasting product and you’ll thank yourself for it when you do poke a hole in the tire.

When it comes to sealing any holes, the BeadBlock system works well. On the trail we had numerous small holes that sealed up automatically and when taking the screwdriver stab test we had no issue sealing up holes of 5mm. After 3 months of use, the sealant was still fluid and ready to do its job.


Great product for a long lasting seal. It seals up small holes easily and stays active for a good amount of time. Added bonus is that there is no ammonia used in the mixture making it a more environmentally friendly option.
Pricing wise, 35 Euros per litre is a decent amount compared to the other offerings, but it does do a great job of sealing big holes, which makes it all worth it in my opinion.

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This review was in Issue 71 of IMB.

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By Jarno Hoogland
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