Squirt Cycling Products Bio-Bike Cleaner 2018 Mountain Bike Review

Squirt Cycling Products Bio-Bike Cleaner 2018

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At A Glance

South African brand Squirt make a small range of products based on their successful wax based lube. They also make tyre sealant and bike wash, which we have here in the form of the Bio-Bike Cleaner.

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As the name suggests, it is biodegradable, water-based (like most cleaners) and is non-caustic or corrosive, however, they still don't recommend putting it in your eyes or eating it.

The packaging is functional rather than stylish, with little in the way of fancy marketing that makes cleaning products look like cosmetics. The quantity is small, only 500ml and features a robust spray nozzle looking dangerously purposeful like some industrial cleaning fluid.

In Use

The functional look is backed up with a powerful spray and some of the most impressive cleaning I have witnessed. Sprayed onto a bike and left for a few minutes the effects were clear, and after a gentle rinse, there was noticeable removal of dirt and grease. Add in some scrubbing and the cleaning was fantastic, getting the job done fast and efficiently.

The spray allows for a large transfer of cleaner, and it's easy to overdo it, wasting large quantities. This could be part of its success, in that it doles out so much cleaner, but I still had good results whilst being more economical too. Given that bottles can be found for about £5 GBP it's comparable to the larger bottled cleaners out there.

Concentrated refills are available and can be used in a more aggressive dilution to de-gunk chains, however the Squirt lube philosophy is to use their chain lube which requires nothing more than a brush. This chain lube is a heavy wax which coats the chain, dries and doesn't require traditional cleaning and degreasing. Having used this lube alongside I've been really impressed at how well a dry lube has held up to winter rain and mud.

Using this lube reduces the amount of cleaning needed down to just a brush to remove any wax build up or dirt. This leaves the Bio Bike cleaner for the rest of the bike and provides a simple and reliable system for bike maintenance.


Very good cleaner, giving exceptional power to remove dirt and grime. It's easy to overuse and run out of it quickly unless you are economical, but it quickly proves itself to need very little. Combine with the dry lube and say goodbye to endless chain degreasing. A fine combination of products for making life easier.

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