Squirt Cycling Products Biodegradable Cleaner 2023 Mountain Bike Review

Squirt Cycling Products Biodegradable Cleaner 2023

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Squirt Biodegradable Bike Cleaner is an effective, mild degreaser and bike wash for proper cleaning that is not harmful. It contains no free caustic, is biodegradable and non-corrosive. Available as a 5-litre Concentrate, 30 ml Super Concentrate and Ready-to-use spray. Price: EUR 19.99

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The product

Besides making some of the best chain lube out there, South African based Squirt Cycling Products also make a great bike cleaner, which can also be used in its concentrated form as a degreaser.

Their formula is biodegradable and non corrosive, so can be used on all parts of your bike no matter what frame material.

Each sachet contains 30 ml of concentrate, which makes 750ml of bike cleaner or 200ml of degreaser. The box which retails for just under 20 Euros has 10 sachets in them, so you end up with about 7,5 litres of bike cleaner. This adds up to about 2.60 per litre which is quite affordable compared to the other main players like MucOff (7.00 per litre) or Peatys (4.00 per litre).

Out on the trail

Mixing up the little sachets is a quick job, and it makes it easy to measure too. When used as a cleaner, it does a great job on removing dirt and grime. If you have the patience to leave it soak for a bit, it will really rinse off easy and clean leaving a nice shiny finish.

Used as a degreaser, it is not the most effective product we tried but it still does the job. We had one bottle mixed up as the cleaner, and one as a degreaser for the drivetrain. It made quick work of the cleaning process and as a bonus it has no funky chemical smells or vapours.


Great product. Does what it says on the tin for a really good price too. Bonus points for being biodegradable!

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This review was in Issue 76 of IMB.

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