MountainWasher MW-M15-01 2015 Mountain Bike Review

MountainWasher MW-M15-01 2015

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At A Glance

A portable power washer that lets you clean your bike whilst on the road and gives apartment dwellers an alternative to cleaning your bike in the shower!

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On The Trail

For some of us, mud is a seasonal occurrence, for others it happens a lot more frequently. This isn’t too much of an issue if you can ride from your front door, have a nice big garage to store your bikes and an outdoor water supply to clean them with, but I haven’t had that since I moved out of my parents house, a number of years ago.

With the changing seasons, the Mountainwasher became a permanent addition to my riding kit, although it took a while before the weather allowed me to test out its full potential. However, when the weather did change for the muddier, I was so happy to have 15 litres of power-washing ability attached the the 12V power outlet of my car.

Whilst my fellow riders were getting their clean clothes and cars caked in mud, I was happily spraying away to make my steed shiny and clean again. Although the Mountainwasher may look small, one fill up gives you 10 minutes of high powered cleaning time, easily enough for one bike to become spotless, or to the get worst off a couple of rigs.

Several attachments come included as standard, an adjustable spray gun, a brush head and a shower head. Typically I blast off the worst of the mud with the gun and then swap over to the brush, which should allow for even the neat freaks to get a great clean result. I am yet to use the shower head attachment, but it's a clever addition that the Mountainwasher can double up to get you smelling fresh again, as well as your bike, making it ideal for camping adventures or longer bike trips.

Away from the trail, I have even used the Mountainwasher to clean the car, although it only just made it around a Fiat 500 with one fill, so this may not be a solution for everyone’s car cleaning needs!


A great tool for muddy race days, winter riding and apartment life. The Mountainwasher is now a permanent and very welcome fixture amongst our biking gear!

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By James Cornford

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