Crankalicious Mud Honey Bucket Wash 2018 Mountain Bike Review

Crankalicious Mud Honey Bucket Wash 2018

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At A Glance

Crankalicious is a new brand to me, making a range of cycling cleaning products clearly from the hipster school of marketing. A wide selection is on offer, none of which would look out of place on the shelf of your local beard oil shop.

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Bright colours and solutions to every cleaning or polishing problem you and your bike may have, Crankalicious has it covered. They do even sell a polishing kit that includes a cordless drill with a polisher attached...maybe next time.

So here we are looking at their Mud Honey cleaner, which rather than being a spray is an old fashioned dilute-in-a-bucket affair. Keeping it authentic, all products are made in the UK and even the labels are applied by hand. Other products in the range include the Rotorissimo brake cleaner and the Limon Velo spray degreaser.

In Use

Diluting into a bucket is the first major faff of using the Mud Honey, but it's a pleasant smell, and means the 500ml bottle will go a long way (and creates less wastage). Once diluted it's difficult to assess it's cleaning power alone, and it really needs to be applied by sponge or brush rather than a 'spray and leave' job.

The results were good, but not mind blowing, cleaning bikes down was easy yet not as quick as a spray and a jet wash. I get the feeling that these products are aimed at those who really enjoy cleaning their bikes and would take them into the bath if possible! Those who like a quick spray and jet wash look elsewhere.

Results from their other products have been good too, with the Limon Velo being a fairly aggressive cleaner of drivetrains and with a spray it makes things a little easier. The Rotorissima brake cleaner is pretty potent and powerful, smelling like it could strip paint rather easily.

From an eco point of view, the products vary greatly in how many symbols of poisoned fish are present on the label. The Mud Honey has fewer, but seems like you still don't want to get the concentrate on your hands. To be fair, the amounts used to clean a bike are small, so you are unlikely to poison the waterways, any more than putting bleach down the toilet. There are, however, many products that keep things more obviously organic.


A nice looking range of products that are very competitive in terms of function and price with the best of the rest. These are homegrown products from the UK and offer every conceivable cleaning solution.

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