Peatys Products Holeshot Puncture Plugger 2022 Mountain Bike Review

Peatys Products Holeshot Puncture Plugger 2022

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The Holeshot Puncture plugger is a tool to repair tire punctures in tubeless tires. It has space to store several plugs in various sizes. It’s available in 12 different colors and made from high quality aluminum.

The product

Puncture pluggers come in many shapes and sizes, but Peaty’s iteration of the tool is not just another copy paste product off the shelf. The small, cylindrical shape makes it easy to stash in a tool kit or pocket, while rubber O rings keep out any moisture. The 6,5 x 2 cm cylindre doubles as a handle and is ribbed to provide a good hold.It comes with several spare plugs in 3 mm and 1.5 mm sizes. Refills are of course available too. It’s available in 12 different Chris King’ style anodized colors: Black, Bourbon, Emerald, Gold, Matte Mango, Navy, Matte Punch, Red, Silver, Matte Slate, Matte Turquoise and Violet.

One of the things the design team spent quite a bit of time on, is the stainless steel fork. Unlike most designs, the Holeshot Pluggers fork comes with a slightly asymmetrical shape that allows easier release of the plug itself once inserted into the tire. The tip of the fork itself is very sharp and kept as slim as possible to prevent making the hole in your tire any wider.

Out on the trail

It’s hard to do but if you’ve ever punctured a tubeless tire out on the trail you know it’s no fun. Tubeless milk spraying everywhere and then the daunting task of stabbing your tire to try and fix it begins. Most problems I encounter with my previous repair tool are ending up with a much larger hole that I started off with and a plug that doesn’t want to slide off the tool.

Putting the ‘wurm’ onto the fork of the tool is easy and straightforward. The Peaty’s plugs are nice and sticky, so they easily stay in place. When plugging the hole the handle is comfortable and offers plenty of grip. Main benefit of this tool is definitely the ease of release once you manage to plug the hole. The narrow shape of the head doesn’t make any damage to the tire worse and the asymmetrical shape does its job in releasing the plug.


Sometimes the smallest of improvements make the biggest of impacts. Peaty’s Holeshot plugger looks a lot like the one sitting in your pack already, but the improved design makes the whole repair job a factor 10 easier and better. Pick any of the 12 colors, chuck that old plugger tool and do yourself a favor by ordering a Peaty’s Holeshot plugger. As far as plugging tires goes, this is a game changer.

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This review was in Issue 72 of IMB.

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