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milKit Hassle’off 2023

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At a glance

The Hassle’off is Milkit’s brand new bike stored multi tool. It has 20+ functions and weighs just 139 grams. Price: 99.95 Euro

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The product

So where do we start? The Hassle’off is made up of a sleek waterproof casing that easily bolts onto your bottle cage bolts. You can of course still run a bottle cage and it comes with a removable strap to hold your pump, a tube or some snacks.

Besides the obvious hex keys (2-2.5-3-4-5-6-8 and T25) that interlock beautifully with magnets, there is the tire lever that also holds the chain breaker which doubles as a spoke wrench and valve core tool. In the mid section of the tire lever there is space for two chainlinks, held in place by magnets.

If you do get a flat while running tubeless, you can use the plug tool to plug the hole using one of the several tire plugs that are stored inside the tool. They even included a cutting tool to snip off any excess plugs.

The kit is rust proof, as all metal parts are made from stainless steel and if you manage to lose any of the bits and pieces, you can purchase them separately too.

List of functions:

1x Hex (2-2.5-3-4-5-6-8  & Torx 25
1x Chain Breaker
1x Cutting Tool
1x Tire Lever
1x Tubeless Plug Tool
3x Replacement Tire Plugs
1x Slide-on Strap Clip (add pump or tube)
2x Chain Link Storage
Spoke tool
1x Valve core removal tool

Out on the trail

First impressions on the case is that we’re dealing with a high quality item. The plastic is durable and flexible, while the case itself is totally waterproof. The Hex multitool uses magnetic bits that lock in place, a smart and easy way to pack a lot of functions in with minimal weight. They also made sure that they used quality steel too, to prevent you rounding off the hex and torx bolts.

The chain tool itself is operated by using the hex keys to push out the pin. It’s quite minimalistic, but does get the job done and you have plenty of leverage to push out the pin.

Flat tires are the majority of the mechanicals these days, and with plenty of space for spare plugs, the Hassle’off kit ticks the box. The handle is again minimalistic, but don’t forget we’re talking about a sub 140 gram tool here. The integrated cutter function is in my opinion not really necessary, as I’ve ridden on with part of the plug sticking out many times without a problem, although you probably don’t want to do that on your gravel bike.

If you’re running a tire insert setup, you might want to bring a second tire lever, as you could struggle using just one lever to get that tire off.


In short, the Hassle’off is a magnificent piece of engineering. A lightweight and easy way to carry all the essentials rattle free on your bike. A clean solution with quality tools that will save your butt when you get caught out. Thumbs up!

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This review was in Issue 75 of IMB.

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By Jarno Hoogland
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