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Mountain Bike Reviews - Muc Off Punk Powder / Bottle for Life 2021
Mountain Bike Reviews - Muc Off Punk Powder / Bottle for Life 2021
Muc Off Punk Powder / Bottle for Life

The Muc-Off Bottle for Life is a heavy duty alloy bottle with a spray nozzle, designed to last a lifetime. Their brand new Punk Powder, is a highly concentrated powder that turns into a fast action bike cleaner when mixed with water. About the brand Muc-Offs’ history starts all the way back in 1991, when a father and son decided…

Mountain Bike Reviews - Muc Off Pressure Washer Kit 2019
Mountain Bike Reviews - Muc Off Pressure Washer Kit 2019
Muc Off Pressure Washer Kit

For those of us in the northern hemisphere, it’s getting to that time of year where inevitably most rides out seem to result in coming back home to a bike that’s doubled in weight through the sheer amount of mud you’ve picked up along the way. That’s where this new bike-specific pressure washer from Muc Off comes in, a quick,…

Mountain Bike Reviews - Muc Off 8-in-1 Bicycle Cleaning Kit 2018
Mountain Bike Reviews - Muc Off 8-in-1 Bicycle Cleaning Kit 2018
Muc Off 8-in-1 Bicycle Cleaning Kit

Muc-Off may have expanded their range to include everything from mineral oil to massage rub, but their core product is still the humble bike wash. Unglamourous, the spray is a workhorse of the bike world and spawned many competitors and rivals. Regardless of how bikes develop, they will still need to be cleaned. The 8-in-1 is a box set from…

2 months ago

Muc-Off continue to push innovation and performance boundaries with the release of their new Bike Protection Series. The series is designed to provide protection for…

2 months ago

Joe, Ferg, Fiona and Bo take the Landship III over the water to sample the riding on the Isle of Man. It turns out this…

3 months ago

Muc-Off Launch Limited Edition Nano Tech Moveover Takeover - Raising Funds for Female Cycling Charities Muc-Off, the global leaders in bicycle and motorcycle care are…

4 months ago

Cold hands, bro? Build a cold weather bike set up like in this video! It's an easy trick that costs around £40 for the electronics.…

6 months ago

Choosing the right chain lube can be intimidating with such a wide variety of options. We explain which chain lube is right for you and…

6 months ago

Muc-Off Present New Invisible Jersey You never saw this coming! Feast your eyes on our new Camo design Premium Long Sleeve Jersey. Made from 50%…

7 months ago

SixSixOne Partner with Commencal/Muc-Off Pro Team With a long history protecting riders chasing fun or battling the clock SIXSIXONE are delighted to announce a new…

7 months ago

Duncan Shaw visited Muc-Off HQ and during his visit we reminded him how important cleaning your bike is. #mucoff #airtag #cleanbike #bikeprotect #howtocleanyourbike #secureyourbike #mtb…

7 months ago

Lean, clean, Commencal machine! We put the queen of the hill's mud slung rig through the ultimate bike cleaning 3-step process from Muc-Off. This bike…

7 months ago

What happens when you take the British Motocross Champion Tommy Searle out of his comfort zone and put him on a black run MTB trail…

8 months ago

Muc-Off Launch New eBike Drivetrain Tool Cleaning, lubing and protecting an eBike drivetrain can be a challenge, as the motor means the chain doesn’t spin backwards…

8 months ago

Get rid of the heaviest chain grime in a flash with Muc-Off Bio Chain Cleaner. This biodegradable formula will have your chain looking new in…

Issue 69

Time to set up a home workshop. We give the lowdown on what you need to make bike mechanics at home a joy.

6 months ago
Issue 68

The holiday season is here and that means gifts! What cool stuff is currently out there to make you a happier biker?

10 months ago
Issue 67

On this test the Specialized Levo SL, YT’s flagship E-MTB the Decoy and Merida’s short travel racer the Ninety Six XT. We check out ION’s Rascal shoes, the Bluegrass Rogue MIPS helmet, DHarCO clothing and Muc-Offs revolutionary Punk Powder/Bottle for Life combo.

11 months ago
Issue 65

We’ve teamed up with MucOff this issue to offer one lucky reader a Bike Pressure Washer kit. Click here to subscribe and enter!

1 year ago
Issue 61

Brand new bikes from YT, Kona and Merida are on test, plus Ewen says goodbye to his Marin Alpine Trail long termer. We get clean with Muc-Off’s new jet washer and try to find a bike that can keep up with MRPs new Ribbon SL suspension fork.

3 years ago
Issue 60

More images with no particular place to call home this issue!

3 years ago
Issue 57

Rampage 2018 will surely go down in history, partly due to Brendan Fairclough's immense run. He doesn't, however, do it alone. We catch up with Olly Wilkins and Ben Deakin to find out what it's like being on a dig crew at Rampag

4 years ago
Issue 42

Rou Chater reminds you to remember the simple pleasure of riding a bike during these turbulent times!

6 years ago
Issue 9

Well just in time for Christmas here are 10 essential things that every rider should have...

12 years ago
7 years ago

Improving performance for adrenaline-fueled athletes.

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