OneUp Components V2 31.6 / 210mm drop 2021 Mountain Bike Review

OneUp Components V2 31.6 / 210mm drop 2021

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OneUp components have been around for quite some time now. Based out of bike mecca Squamish B.C. the team that was once running the show at Race Face, now bring out some of the most innovative products in the bike industry while sticking to their motto, work less ride more. Rumor has it that they even have a 4 day work week...
Besides being good to their employees, they also support a wide range of NGO’s and trail advocacy groups like SORCA, PORCA, World Bicycle Relief and reforestation projects with 1% of their annual sales (not just 1% of the profit as some greenwashing companies do).

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We got our hands on the V2 dropper post with a whopping 210mm of travel. For a lanky guy like me with a 87cm inseam, this amount of travel is a gift of the gods. If you’re after a dropper with less travel, they also offer the V2 in 180mm, 150mm and 120mm drop, and you can adjust the travel without tools in less than 5 minutes. The system is air sprung, which allows you to slightly adjust the speed the dropper returns in the up position. The cartridge is easy to replace, and retails for 60 USD / 62,50 EUR / 56 GBP in case you wear it out.
With 510 grams for the 31.6 / 210mm version the dropper is one of the lightest long travel dropper posts on the market. Another thing to note is that the V2 claims to have the shortest insert length. This is a big plus for shorter riders as smaller frames tend to have the nasty habit of only accepting a tiny amount of insert before hitting the pivot point. We dug up the details on 3 popular dropper posts out there.

OneUp V2 297mm insert length (210mm drop) - 510g post weight
PNW Loam Dropper 290mm insert length (200mm drop) - 598g post weight
Fox Transfer post 298,5 insert length (175mm drop) - 643g post weight

Numbers don’t lie, and although the PNW has 7mm less insert, it also has 10mm less travel. The OneUp is by far the lightest post around too, leaving the Fox Transfer post eating dust.
The remote lever is another piece of art. Ergonomic and easy to use, the cable actuated lever has a proper bearing to ensure smooth operation and weighs in at 43g. The lever is also available specifically for Shimano I Spec I or EV, or Sram Matchmakers.


Mounting the post is a breeze, and once in place it needs no further adjustment. Out on the trail the V2 performs like it should. Smooth action at the lever and a quick return to the ‘let’s pedal up’ position. The extra travel took some getting used to. When you’re used to steering the bike with your inside leg, and the saddle is suddenly much lower it affects bike handling quite a bit. But this dropper really shines when there’s big jumps, or when it gets hella steep. The extra room really matters in these situations. All in all the OneUp V2 dropper is a winner. If you’re considering the upgrade, the V2 post retails at 199 USD / 215 EUR / 194 GBP and the V2 Lever retails at 49,50 USD / 49,95 EUR / 45 GBP.
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This review was in Issue 64 of IMB.

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By Jarno Hoogland
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