FUNN Updown Funn Internal 2018 Mountain Bike Review

FUNN Updown Funn Internal 2018

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At a Glance

This is the second generation of the Updown dropper from Funn. The first was not without its problems, but this new, internally routed post claims to have solved all the previous issues. Available in 30.9mm and 31.6mm diameter, the post comes with either a 125mm or a 150mm drop. Internally it contains a sealed cartridge, which can be removed, and easily replaced by the owner if any problems occur. However, Funn doesn't expect there to be any with their new cartridge that has solved the air-in-oil bounce that many dropper posts with internal floating pistons suffer from.

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The seat clamp is a two bolt affair with large easy to access bolts and plenty of adjustment. The cable clamps at the lever, which makes installation simple and the cable can be simply hooked over the seat post end with a metal adapter. The post is nicely short in length so it will fit easily into many frames, with 245mm from collar to the base. The collar itself is 30mm, so, all in all, it's a good post for smaller frames or those with awkward seat tubes with interruptions.

The lever is a clever design that can be flipped to right or left, but also top or bottom of the handlebar, allowing for any manner of cockpit setups and front shifters. Being a closed cartridge there is no valve for adding air, and the whole system is exceptionally simple and sleek. At 625g for the 150mm drop, it’s competitive but not featherweight although at £195 it's good value.

On The Trail

As a short post (in terms of overall length), it works well in a small frame and most riders will be able to 'slam the post' all the way in and get full value from the 150mm drop. Installation is simple as promised, and the cable merely needs hooked on the post and clamped at the lever, which is achieved with a small grub screw. The lever can further be adjusted to change the rotation angle on the lever so the thumb paddle start point can be rotated to get the best ergonomic location.

The seat clamp is easy to use, and neither bolt caused me to wield an Allen key too close to the stanchion surface of the post. The post action was initially a little stiff but eased up nicely to offer a smooth rise and fall. There is no option to add pressure or adjust rebound speed, the only way to control the speed is with how hard you push your thumb! Speaking of thumbs, the large grippy lever is well positioned and gives a reassuringly confident action.

The post is reliable in construction and uses the sealed cartridge to good effect. The whole thing can be stripped down easily to be cleaned, and a new cartridge can be installed if necessary. The cartridge is 'self-healing' so if bounce develops in the post simply by fully depressing the post and allowing it to return to full height removes any air from the system and function returns to normal.

As a package, the Updown post delivers a great, reliable post and excellent modulation from the lever, suggesting the quality usually expected of a much more expensive post.


A solid and reliable post, an entirely different proposition than the previous version. The cartridge system may not allow much scope for the home mechanic to fettle, but the consistency of action and ability to deal with any bounce issues is great. At £195 it's competitively priced and offers a cost-effective way to get a quality dropper post.

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This review was in Issue 56 of IMB.

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By Ewen Turner
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