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Mountain Bike Reviews - Stanton Bikes Sherpa 853  2015
Mountain Bike Reviews - Stanton Bikes Sherpa 853  2015
Stanton Bikes Sherpa 853

I know it’s meant to be all about the carbon nowadays, but there’s something about the clean crisps lines of a steel hardtail that are just so appealing and once the Sherpa was unboxed, it didn’t disappoint. Stanton are a brand known for their aggressive trail and 4X hard tails, in short they make fun play bikes. With the addition…

1 month ago

Are you Ti-curious? Well your ship may just have come in! Like literally. The timings of shipments have been really unpredictable for a long time…

3 months ago

STANTON Release Gravel Bike! The legends at Stanton are known for their high end steel frames, but as of lately they caught the Titanium bug.…

3 months ago

Check out Mike Jersey Taylor showing us just how playful a 29er can be. Keepin' it real on the steel version of our Stanton Switch9er…

4 months ago

Finally back at our favourite event after 2 years without it! This was the first reveal for the Switch9er Ti FS and the Switchpath Ti…

5 months ago

With bike delivery times getting longer and longer, the arrival of a truck load of Titanium Stanton frames is something to celebrate! They've been waiting…

6 months ago

The Slackline is the OG of the Stanton range. Dan's very first frame in 2011 and where it all started for Stanton Bikes. Now in…

7 months ago

Stanton bikes just released an amazing new bike, the Switch9er FS Ti. A Titanium, carbon full suspension piece of art. There is a lot of…

7 months ago

British brand Stanton bikes have been working hard the past few years on their line up. Perfecting the geometry and most impressively the compatibility between…

12 months ago

Some big news from Stanton Bikes here, if you're in the market for a new bike and you're struggling to get hold of a new…

1 year ago

We love a good Dream Build here at IMB and this beautiful ti hardtail from Stanton is no exception! It's been a while since we…

5 years ago

Do you know anyone who hoons quite as hooningly as Darren Evans? Watch this man's level 10 sideways action as he takes on the Stanton…

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12 months ago

Stanton Bikes are a UK company specialising in Hand Built, critically acclaimed Steel and Titanium mountain bikes.

Ig: @StantonBikes

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