STANTON Release Gravel Bike!

The legends at Stanton are known for their high end steel frames, but as of lately they caught the Titanium bug. After releasing the ultimate hardtail the Switch9er and fully Switch9er FS in titanium, they now released the Switchpath Ti.

It’s a big moment for Stanton Bikes, the launch of our first bike that’s not a mountain bike – the Switchpath Ti gravel bike. So have they gone to the dark side, traded our baggies for budgie-smugglers?

Nope. The way they see it, all this gravel/adventure bike hype is just another way of folks getting off the tarmac and going where they like, how they like – and that’s definitely Stanton territory. You can sleep easy and know they’ve drawn a line in the gravel and come down on the side of the mountain bike fraternity. You don’t need to compromise on the fun and you can keep your shorts as loose as your riding. The Switchpath Ti is a gravel machine from the mountains, not the road.

The Switchpath Ti has all the trademark playfulness that their frames are famed for. They kept the angles on the slack side and room for tyres that’ll cope when you point it down the rough stuff. They haven’t conformed to the standard industry sizing either. The seat tube is shorter than average for extra standover height, giving you more room to move the bike underneath you. Keeping the top tube out of the way so you can be aggressive without the risk of crotch meeting crossbar.

Of course, being triple-butted, aerospace-grade titanium, it’s no heavyweight. Their long experience of working with Ti means we know it’s the perfect material for a responsive, supple and strong bike that you’ll want to spend all day on. It’s ‘bike for life’ longevity is also perfectly suited to the Switchpath’s go anywhere capabilities. They like to do things a bit differently so have also developed a unique Ti fork option to compliment the frame. Titanium’s trail-buzz taming properties do a better job than carbon of absorbing vibrations and reducing fatigue on your hands. They also look insanely bad-ass.

With the component situation being what it is, the Switchpath Ti is initially available as frame-only with the option to add either the titanium fork or a carbon one.

At a glance:

  • Triple butted it 3AL 2.5 V titanium
  • Full internal stealth routing
  • Stealth dropper post compatible
  • Custom swappable dropouts
  • I.S. brake calliper mounts
  • Up to 45mm tyres
  • From £2000 frame-only
  • Carbon fork +£300
  • Titanium fork +£500

There’s all the usual build-it-how-you-want-it Stanton goodness here. You can go flared-bar superlight dreambuild or fit your flat bars and your 4-pot brakes and go PB hunting on your local trails. And, because all our frames are hand-finished at our Derbyshire factory, you can choose how your Switchpath looks and create something unique to you. From elegant blasted, polished or anodised decals to colorful Cerakote ceramic paints.

With the Switchpath Ti we’ve stuck to our principles and created the kind of bike we want to ride. One that fits with our heritage, our positive attitude and our playful philosophy. As usual we’ve gone our own way and on a Switchpath Ti you can go yours.

More info on the Stanton Bikes website right here:

Sat 26th Feb, 2022 @ 12:30 am

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