ROTOR Bike Components

ROTOR Bike Components


4 years ago

Enduro dynamo Jordi Bago lays down the law in the volcanic dust of Gran Canaria, sending trails that we'd sell our grandmother for! Prepare for…

4 years ago

Sound ON, press play and enjoy the ride! Rémy Métailler is shredding hard on the new Cube TWO15! This sensational bike and sublime sending will…

Issue 52

Off the coast of Africa lies a collection of sun-soaked islands covered in perfect mountain bike terrain. Jordi Bago is a man on a mission to promote the area, and we took a visit to escape the winter and hit the trails with the most enthusiastic Spaniard on two wheels.

5 years ago

Welcome! ROTOR Bike Components crafts #QRINGS, #2INpower, and #1X13groupset. among other components to improve your cycling performance.

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