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6 days ago

Technical climbing is fun and challenging on a pedal assist EBike.
Photo: @thecarmenrey

Hans Rey is at Somewhere up a Mountain.
Hans Rey is at Somewhere up a Mountain.
1 week ago

It always looks so much easier in the photos.
📷@thecarmenrey @ Somewhere up a Mountain

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1 week ago

Who remembers #NoFear?Very interesting days for sure. Rubbing elbows w some big names in American sports cost me about $100K. It was the golden days in the 90ties MTB, FMX, XGames were on the rise. No Fear was a very cool company w inspirational leaders and a unique approach. Nobody got paid (at least for a long time, which then marked the end of the heydays). I was the first cyclist in the roster and became a major partner in the German distributorship of the brand. Our company invested over $1million in marketing and protecting the name as well as shutting down counterfits in Europe. Ultimately I lost money but I am proud that I was there and had small part in their story. Click link in bio to read this incredible tale. Repost @racerxonline
Although estimates are hard to nail down, at one point No Fear had close to $200 million in annual sales, and that was just in casual apparel—never mind the motocross-gear branch owned by Jeff Surwall and @jeremymcgrath. What happened to the once iconic brand? Link in bio to read the “The Rise & Fall of No Fear, An Oral History,” by @pulpmx

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1 week ago

My first new bike is built.
@gtbicycles Force carbon Large, 27.5, 160/150mm, new @rideshimano #XTR 12speed, @fox 36 Grip2 / DPX2 Float, @stansnotubes Flow MK3, @vittoriatires Martello 2.6, @sqlab bars, stem, grips & 6OX saddle, @crankbrothers Highline dropper, Stamp pedals
Let the fun begin

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2 weeks ago

I thought I had a long partnership w @gtbicycles for 32 years, this skateboarding legend @stevecaballero has been w @powellperalta for 40 years !! Fun day on bikes with @fixmfg

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2 weeks ago

On any Wednesday

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2 weeks ago

Downhill racing, back in the days, when it was rough, fast and brutal 😉...and one found time to drink from a water bottle during a race run 😂. This was at the ‘92 Worlds in Bromont #RTS

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2 weeks ago

here is the latest episode Jonny Moseley Visit California Wildest Dreams. I took part with Alison Tetrick in a fun ATB bike race


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2 weeks ago

One of the highlights this summer will be to ride the #TuttiFruttiEpic at the @carosello3000 Mountain Park in @livigno ITALY.
Best time to do it and meet me there will be during the #GreatDays grassroots festival mid July. More info link in bio. Tutti Frutti Team Challenge will be a fun ride (not race) to explore this trail w a team of 3-5. All bikes and age groups are welcome. #familyfriendly #efriendly 👌Photo:@samuelconfortola

Hans Rey, Mountain Bike/Freeride Pioneer, multiple Trials National and World Champion, Mountain Bike Hall of Fame, Founder of Wheels 4 Life charity
Personal info
Hansjörg Rey, aka Hans "No Way" Rey (born 4 June 1966 in Kenzingen, Germany). Rey is a pioneer in mountain biketrials and extreme mountainbiking. Rey began riding in the late 70s. Since 1987, he has ridden exclusively on GT bikes. In 1999 he was inducted to the Mountainbike hall of fame.

Over the years he has won a large number of biketrials riding championships, but since 1997 has retired from competitive sports to explore the world on his mountainbike.

He is the only permanent member of the "Hans Rey Adventure Team", a quest to explore the world using his mountainbike talent. These trips were filmed for television.

He has also starred in movies like Tread (1994), and made guest appearances on the TV series Pacific Blue (1995-1998). He was part of the closing ceremony of the 1996 Olympic Games.
Personal interests
Biketrials, adventures, freeriding, charity (wheels4life)

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