ENVE – Composites

ENVE – Composites

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2 months ago

When we launched Revel bikes back in March, we had two goals in mind. The first was to make the absolute best bikes that we…

3 months ago

It may have been and gone, but for Ben Deakin the morning of Red Bull Rampage is well worth revisiting. Incredible how few nerves there…

3 months ago

Pass me a pillow, there's another dream bike build on the way and it's a pretty special one! Gee Milner knows how to get us…

3 months ago

Iiiiiiiin West Philadelphia, born and raised... Totally freakin' sweet ride, bra! It's amazing what a little spray can action, a sweatband and a decade's worth…

4 months ago

We're a sucker for Gee Milner's Dream Build videos here at IMB, and Gee's new personal bike is no exception!

1 year ago

Off season's always a great time - release new projects, take time for the family and friends, or simply be out in the mountains and…

1 year ago

Click here to see two of the Gamble Gods tear down this hot little shredding spot! Where else can you get an Inner City Downhill…

1 year ago

Check out some of the madness that went down at Ard Moors. We saw the infamous Ard Rock take place earlier in the summer. But…

1 year ago

Click here to see the KHS guys sending it! After a considerable amount of preparation, it's time to get between the tapes. The overall result…

1 year ago

Take a look at the KHS team, currently in pre-race mode! They've been getting everything dialled, so that they're more than ready when it's time…

1 year ago

Steve Peat's segment from GAMBLE Film was conjured up through a collaboration of local love for all things two wheels and a vision to create something personal…

2 years ago

The hype train has reached its final destination for the highly anticipated GAMBLE Film - now available to purchase worldwide on iTunes. For the non…

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11 months ago

ENVE Composites, located in Ogden, UT designs and hand builds carbon wheels and component systems for mountain and road bikes. All rims and wheelsets are manufactured in Ogden, UT, USA Invested: We put the rider and customer first. We share the same passion as our end users and stay connected with them and engaged in the community. Innovative: We are constantly developing and refining our products. We use our education and expertise to create systems that are the lightest, strongest, and most durable in the industry Simple: Our engineering process leads to products that achieve functional simplicity. Our, clean minimal designs are practical yet attractive. Focused: We combine our commitment to composite technology with our love of riding, striking a balance between passion and business savvy. Passionate: We love what we do. Our core focus is, and always will be, creating a better riding experience. We believe that consumers want premium aftermarket carbon rims and components given the explosive growth of ENVE and consumer interest in an alternative to existing product on the market. ENVE is constantly introducing and investing in new design concepts, processes and technologies that enable us to offer the absolute best products on the market today (not to mention the things we're working on for tomorrow). Of major importance to us is that our wheels are proudly made in the Ogden, Utah. Yes, we're an American company committed to American design, engineering and manufacturing. ENVE Composites 508 W. Stockman Way Ogden, UT 84404 P: 801-476-3363 P: 877-358-2869 Simply, to make cycling more enjoyable through superior composite designs. 2007 Outdoor and sporting goods company (385) 389-2700 ££££

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