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2 weeks ago

Out latest OPEN Cycles x ENVE collaboration pays homage to those idyllic glacial mountains to inspire purposeful wandering over the proverbial road-less-traveled. Total of 60 made with custom painted ENVE components. Claim yours now. #iRideENVE

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3 weeks ago

Do you understand the latest Freehubs technologies? We've broken them all down for you in our latest article below. Now you can make an informed decision. #iRideENVE

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3 weeks ago

The same M Series rim technology now available for $2100. Our new @industry_nine 101 hubset option allows two U.S.-made products to be had at a whole new price level. #iRideENVE

ENVE Composites updated their cover photo.
ENVE Composites updated their cover photo.
3 weeks ago

ENVE Lifetime Incident Protection has been developed to remove all doubt that if you damage your product while riding, racing, or otherwise - ENVE has your back and the damaged rim, stem, seatpost, fork, handlebar or hub will be replaced at no charge.

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3 weeks ago

ENVE Lifetime Incident Protection has been developed to remove all doubt that if you damage your product while riding, racing, or otherwise - ENVE has your back and the damaged rim, stem, seatpost, fork, handlebar or hub will be replaced at no charge. All ENVE customers past, present, and future who are the original owners of their products, are eligible for this program by simply registering their product. #iRideENVE https://www.enve.com/en/support/warranty/

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4 weeks ago

"ENVE's new M730 wheels have put in a very convincing performance in this department, with this particular wheelset going on 16 months on the trails now without showing any signs of being headed for early retirement." - Vital MTB #iRideENVE

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1 month ago

Fort William, endearingly referred to as Fort Bill, is widely regarded as one of the toughest, rockiest, and most unforgiving race courses on the UCI Downhill World Cup circuit. Since ENVE entered the World Cup Downhill scene nine Fort Williams ago – a rider on ENVE wheels has won five times. #iRideENVE

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1 month ago

200 miles of the toughest gravel on earth. The ENVE crew and athletes headed to Emporia, Kansas to conquer the Kanza.

ENVE Athlete Colin Strickland of Meteor x Giordana Racing walked away as the overall champ and King of the Kanza, breaking the sub 10 hour mark after a solo breakaway effort 90 miles from the finish.

The ENVE crew had a good day in the gravel with DK200 finishes by Jake Pantone (ENVE VP of Product), Neil Shirley (Sponsorship Manager), and Ike Pantone (Test Operations Manager). Director Jeremy Venz put the cherry on top by finishing the DK100 mile race. #iRideENVE

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1 month ago

What does it take to win the notoriously difficult Dirty Kanza 200? Perfectly dialed equipment, a finely tuned nutrition plan, and a ton of fitness. Meteor x Giordana and Red Bull athlete Colin Strickland checked all those boxes on June 1st to be crowned the new King of Dirty Kanza. Read the whole story in our latest Journal post. #iRideENVE

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2 months ago

Over the years, competitor’s rims have gotten so good and more affordable than ENVE’s offerings, that I had kinda written them off as an option for my builds – not that I’m a carbon snob, I just bend and dent aluminum rims too much! The Santa Cruz Reserve wheels are outstanding and are backed by a no questions asked warranty. Yet, the G27 fills a void many carbon manufacturers have left gaping: comfort. - The Radavist

ENVE Composites, located in Ogden, UT designs and hand builds carbon wheels and component systems for mountain and road bikes. All rims and wheelsets are manufactured in Ogden, UT, USA
Invested: We put the rider and customer first. We share the same passion as our end users and stay connected with them and engaged in the community.
Innovative: We are constantly developing and refining our products. We use our education and expertise to create systems that are the lightest, strongest, and most durable in the industry
Simple: Our engineering process leads to products that achieve functional simplicity. Our, clean minimal designs are practical yet attractive.
Focused: We combine our commitment to composite technology with our love of riding, striking a balance between passion and business savvy.
Passionate: We love what we do. Our core focus is, and always will be, creating a better riding experience.
Company overview
We believe that consumers want premium aftermarket carbon rims and components given the explosive growth of ENVE and consumer interest in an alternative to existing product on the market.

ENVE is constantly introducing and investing in new design concepts, processes and technologies that enable us to offer the absolute best products on the market today (not to mention the things we're working on for tomorrow).

Of major importance to us is that our wheels are proudly made in the Ogden, Utah. Yes, we're an American company committed to American design, engineering and manufacturing.
General info
ENVE Composites
508 W. Stockman Way
Ogden, UT 84404

P: 801-476-3363
P: 877-358-2869
Simply, to make cycling more enjoyable through superior composite designs.
Outdoor & Sporting Goods Company
(385) 389-2700
Price range

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