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1 month ago | 4:48

2 reasons why this video is wicked good: 1. Avery Trail in Crested Butte looks amazing and we want to ride it, and 2. #FollowCamFriday always delivers a great...

2 months ago | 5:0

Check out Hills and Mears getting rapid in Utah on board Captain Ahab, a trail that is so fast and so awesome we had to watch it twice. Packed with drops, narr...

2 months ago | 7:3

We've loved sharing Nate Hills' excellent FollowCamFriday series with you in 2016 - now make sure you check out the Best Of real, showing some truly beautiful...

2 months ago | 5:26

Watch this flippin' fast flow from Nate Hills and Noah Sears sending the Gunny Loop at Grand Junction, Colorado, a trail that shifts from wide open singletrack...

2 months ago | 6:46

What's the most technical descent you've ever tried? Got a KOM on your local DH run? Nate Hills and Noah Sears are back with more POV goodness, this time of Ho...

2 months ago | 03:00

Lock your eyes onto some quintessential trail riding in the Northern Rockies - it's a feast of loam, beautiful scenery and great riding, finished off with some...

3 months ago | 6:59

Slicker than your average trail, this area north of Moab looks pretty special, being described as giant natural rock skatepark. It looks incredibly fun to ride...

3 months ago | 4:49

There's no such thing as a free lunch, just ask Nate Hills and Noah Sears - they're putting in the time on the ups to earn the awesome downs! Take a look at th...

3 months ago | 13:34

Parental guidance - explicit Missy! In the 90's Missy was known for her personality and style as much as she was for her riding. Her wild hair, wild attitude,...


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Issue 45 Wed 15th Feb, 2017

GoPro Hero 5 Black Action Camera


Issue 44 Fri 16th Dec, 2016

GoPro Hero 5 Black Action Camera


Issue 43 Thu 20th Oct, 2016

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Issue 42 Mon 22nd Aug, 2016

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Set of LTR Boost Forks From Lauf


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Pair of Adidas Evil Eye Evo Glasses


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GoPro Hero4 Silver Edition


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Sweet Set Up from Deity Components


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661 Recon Helmet, Gloves and T-Shirt


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Complete Set of Riding Kit from IXS


Issue 26 Mon 16th Dec, 2013

Bontrager Rhythm Elite TLR Disc Wheelset


Issue 25 Wed 16th Oct, 2013

Reflex Mk2 and a Diablo Mk5 Light from Exposure


Issue 24 Mon 19th Aug, 2013

Pedros Apprentice Tool Kit


Issue 23 Sun 16th Jun, 2013

Superstar Components Wheels and Pedals


Issue 22 Mon 15th Apr, 2013

Brand New iPad Mini


Issue 21 Fri 15th Feb, 2013

Go Pro 3 and Goodies From One Industries


Issue 20 Sun 16th Dec, 2012

Box Full of Goodies From Cube


Issue 19 Mon 15th Oct, 2012

Complete O'neal Riding Kit


Issue 18 Tue 14th Aug, 2012

Osprey Raptor 14 Pack and Swann HD Freestyle Camera


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