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3 weeks ago

A couple of years ago, some of our younger volunteers planted fruit trees in the park.....

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1 month ago

3 new pump tracks in West Lothian

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2 months ago

Want to take your cycling to the next level up from the Skelf but don't have a car?
You can now get a Borders X62 bus from Nicolson Street right to Glentress or Innerleithen 7 Stanes. Nice! Very luxurious!

P.s. you can also ride up to the Pentlands or get a train to the Cairngorms. Buy a map, have an adventure this summer!

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2 months ago

Big news for the development of off road cycling in Scotland, the new government strategy for 2019-2025 has been released and this video explains what it is all about.

Urban pump tracks and trail centres feature heavily, so this will be of great interest to all the groups who have contacted us about how to get going with a similar project in their area,

You may also see a couple of yourselves riding on the Skelf in there too!

Skelf Bike Park posted a photo
4 months ago

So progress is looking good on the paths
We’ve marked up a pic to give folks an idea of what’s happening
Apologies for Davies IT skills

So area highlighted
This area has had the grass and weeds removed to create a level base fir the new path
The path will be made of the pile of branches etc that have build up from recent tree work and will be chipped on site

Blue area
This area has fruit hedging planted in it and will be getting more planting this autumn
The posts will take wires to support the edible hedge as it develops

This area has only an inch or so of soil so we are raising it slightly and improving the soil so it can be planted with companion shrubs to help attract pollinators to the area

Lastly today which isn’t marked on picture we are clearing out the drainage channel along the boundary

We’re out there again tomorrow and Saturday but without the digger so will post further updates

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4 months ago

So while we wait for materials for the mini track
the team are down st the community garden today
So what are they doing apart from getting a bit muddy given today’s weather firstly they are levelling out the ground along new access paths with the digger in advance of our upcoming volunteer days when we plan to get the paths finished allowing better access this year

Apologies it’s looking a bit muddy and untidy just now bit all the mud ad stone piles will be away and improvements finished in the coming weeks

Skelf Bike Park posted a photo
4 months ago

It’s starting to take shape
Cold damp day but the team are out preparing the mini track area

A rather fine wee pump track in the heart of Edinburgh
The Skelf is a new bike park in the centre of Edinburgh featuring a world class pump track and professionally designed mountain bike trials suitable for beginners and experts alike
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