Black Line Sprinting

Black Line Sprinting

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BLS are the designers and manufacturers of cycling accessories and apparel. Shop online with worldwide shipping. Black Line Sprinting (BLS Global) are the manufacturers of cycling accessories and apparel, based in Cape Town South Africa. Founded by track cyclists Matthew de Freitas and Hendrik Grobbelaar in April 2016. We have the vision to design and develop products that celebrate the dedication, commitment, and passion of an athlete achieving their goals, from an Olympic champion to the working weekend warrior. We aim to portray the lifestyle, culture, adventure, passion, and thrills of competitive cycling – giving you not only a product, but a unique experience along your journey to your own dreams. All our products both on and off the bike have the aim of enhancing performance as well providing innovative, practical solutions of the highest quality, continuously raising the bar of what is possible, and striving for continuous improvement. We aim to give an athlete the means to express and portray themselves to the world through a total lifestyle brand, not only while practising their sport, but in everyday life at work, travel and pleasure; being able to say, “this is who I am” without saying a word. To allow athletes to do exactly this, our 2 lines include VeloRacing (road and MTB) and VelodromeRacing (track). We have implemented our slogan #seethenew, which is literally what we do, look for the new and journey to the new! So wherever you see the BLS logo, you know that’s an athlete on a journey towards their dreams, a journey to the new and a journey to be great! Product/Service

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