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Mountain Bike Reviews - Radon Swoop 8.0 2019
Mountain Bike Reviews - Radon Swoop 8.0 2019
Radon Swoop 8.0

The Swoop is Radon’s 29 inch wheeled enduro bike, designed primarily for hitting big things, fast! There’s a range of 3 models with some rather tasty prices too – this entry-level (if we can even call it that!) Swoop 8.0 on test comes in at just 2499 Euros for the full bike, which is considerably cheaper than many manufacturers frame-only…

10 months ago

For some, racing is everything. For others, its just a part of the whole picture. The long anticipated return, Innes was at the peak of…

Issue 62

More images with no particular place to call home this issue!

12 months ago

One of the biggest direct-sales brands in Europe. Available online & Bike-discount MEGASTORE in Bonn, Germany. -bikes.com We from RADON belong to the most successful suppliers on the market with our bikes since more than 20 years. Regular test wins in the trade press and the constantly increasing popularity of our brand represent the recompense for efforts since years and the result of continuous development work down to the last detail. In the best tradition of our company, we also attach great importance to the fact of offering top quality at affordable prices during the production and design of RADON BIKES. 1992 Bicycle shop £££

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